Body Language – Kamala Harris visit to the border

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The BS is strong with this one.

Angela Schmehl

Pardon can I ask a question? I would like to know if I can only submit a crime, political or movie star video for review? Or can it be anyone on YouTube with a large following?
Thanks Ang

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you. Blessings.

Beverly Hulick

The expressions and body language of the Congresswoman behind her are also interesting. Compare their body language to that of Governor Abbott and President Trump; such a total difference.


She had to pretend to finally do something before President Trump made his announced visit to the border with TX Gov. Abbott. Her border visit, like everything else the impostors do, was bullschiff. It was so bad that the people who made the arrangements for her “official visit” resigned(?)… gotta wonder if that was forced, soon after the Kamala Schiff Show. More contrast can be seen vs this video. I wasn’t sure about why the President had his arms locked in front of him a whole lot, especially while speaking about border policy. As far as the press seeming to turn on her, one can only hope there is actually something tangible going on with the better late than never recounts of the fraudulent 2020 election that we don’t yet realize and maybe that had something to do with the locked arms. One can only hope and pray.

I made a late comment on the last video about the presser Gov. Abbott and President Trump did earlier today before going to the border, to contrast their body language compared to Austin and Milley. (Statement from President Trump regarding Gen. Milley: in case you missed it.)

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I am nowhere near Mandy’s skill level, but I started noticing the locked arms when President Trump was seated at cabinet meetings with the press present. Though it was more obvious due to the camera angle at the meeting with Governor Abbott and the sheriffs, he broke away from it several times. It does seem to be somewhat baseline for him when he is seated at a table in a large group with the press present. I don’t blame him for being gated with all the bull schiff he has been through. I thought he looked great and enjoyed his attentiveness and interaction with the sheriffs. Biden could never do that. I also enjoyed how he forced controlled opposition Hannity to change the subject when he brought up the crooked election last night.


Got a clip of that Hannity segment to post here? I didn’t watch Hannity very often, because I couldn’t stand how he constantly interrupted his guests and then couldn’t stop talking, never giving the guests time to finish what they were starting to say. Then I totally stopped watching all FauxNews after they declared xiden the winner of the 2020 election, without even questioning the fake results. Xiden isn’t even in the ball park, much less on the playing field. Harris (who is being controlled by others and doesn’t have the sense to know she’s only a temp, until her handlers’ choose someone who comes across as being more credible) is the one doing the “presidential” schiff shows. She doesn’t know how to handle a room filled with honest, intelligent, people.



. Hope this worked if it didn’t due to limited tech skills it is on the blowhards you tube Fox News you tube channel. The interview starts at 5.56




Looks like the producers at Fox edited out the part where President Trump mentioned the bogus election. Not surprising.


Thank you for trying, my friend. I would have liked to have seen that, but of course FauxNews had to cut it. I heard Faux was covering Pres. Trump live at the border and when he started talking about the 2020 election fraud, they immediately broke away from that coverage and went onto other things. I saw the clip on OANN of FauxNews doing that. I should have stopped watching that station as soon as they brought Paul Ryan on board. While I did miss Gutfeld at first and at times, Tucker, I won’t give them any more ratings.


I try to watch Tucker, who has been reporting some good stories about illegal surveillance and FBI infiltration and instigation on Jan 6., though he and everybody else at Fox and Cumulous Radio (Bongino) are forbidden to discuss election fraud and have to change the subject if it is mentioned by callers or guests. Tucker gets most of his good material from, Gateway Pundit and Red State anyway. I mostly watch media to see what they are not reporting. That is usually the real story. Controlled opposition.


Nonna: in case you might want to know…i watch Tucker a lot…Tucker is often covering what no one else will and does a great job with exposing things in detail. He is getting better all the time too in my opinion. Some days more than others depending on the story .He even came back with an expose on how when they did report Biden as the win and how wrong that was and he exposed quite a lot about that. When errors are made (no one is perfect) and then responsibly admitted and corrected …i trust those sources MORE. I wouldn’t give up on him for what that station did but isn’t about him.Gutfield’s comments are brilliant too. both of them do great my opinion.


Interesting expressions on the lady’s face behind Kamala. 🤔


She did not have to go to Guatemala to find the cause. Only to her bathroom to look in the mirror. This was a problem that was almost completely solved. Unlike all previous Presidents who were able to pretend this was just happening, these traitors recreated a solved problem and are starting to get called on it. Remember when El Chapo was sentenced and they sealed the courtroom and kicked everyone out of the building when he went off about his bribes to Pelosi, Schiff, et al? This administration is so incompetent that it looks like third graders are calling the shots.

Ronald Cantrell

Following a lot of your videos ive learned some. She was also trowing the question or answers away. Trowing it behind herself. (Right?) Or am i reading it wrong.
Shes in her fake voice that very annoying. Trying to be cute. (Shes not) the voice that probably got her through in the past. (Right?)

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