Body Language – General Milly’s woke conversion

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Dont know what it is but some of these more politcal videos play halfway through and then jump to the end. Just odd.


Just watched a video of the presser with TX Gov. Abbott and President Trump that you might want to take a look at. There was a tremendous contrast in their body language compared to Austin and Milly in this video. One thing I would like Mandy to analyze is why President Trump folded his arms in front of him for a lot of the time he was talking. It struck me as being odd and out of character. Maybe he was locking himself out from the horror of the biden border disaster? It was refreshing to see real people after seeing Austin and Milly. Anyway, the presser ended with the Gov. and the Pres. going to the real border. Can’t wait to see that!

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Its easy to find an officer that will take a bullet for his nation. Its much harder to find one that will publicly take career and reputational damage for the country. I think Milly and several others are doing that staying on to limit Biden. I think Trump encouraged it. Finding people willing to let the left burn the flag and teach wokeness but ready to draw the line at anything that would do real physical harm to citizens. They are allowing the left to do their worst, naked to the world, so the voters see the threat. We may see a point where Biden or Harris gives an order to do real harm to someone and then faces not only refusal but warnings that they just committed a crime.


Did anyone else notice that he said soldiers, sailors, airmen and guardians. That’s Trumps name for Space Force. Biden and his minions rejected the Trump administration name and call them airmen.


I disagree with your interpretation Milly is selling nooses to the left. He just put the critical race theory into the same category as Marx, Mao and the islamists. Know your enemy. He just gave thousands of officers permission to study the foe and has named the foe as Critical Race Theory and the mythic white rage, which was the terminology of the false flag actors on 1/6 not the Maga people there were using. Very cunning because I suspect the Republicans in the room saw it but it went over the head of the Democrats’ including general Austin.  


People forget the white rage is a title of a book written in 2016 and its almost entirely about the democrats racist history but written by someone on the left. Milly has put that book on the reading list by using the term. Any soldier reading it will realize that its not the republicans that are exhibiting the rage.

Marita Jeffrey

This speech by him disgusted me! He & the Secretary need to be removed ASAP! Our military does NOT like this! And General Milly is NOW part of deep state! As I stated .. it disgusted me! Thanks for this incite-full (as you always provide) body language! THE BEST!!


Sorry can’t delete last one here’s the darpa paper on it.


Darpa concept see above.

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Et tu, Bruté?


Sec. Austin reminded me of Oprah’s What? WHAAT?! interview response with the Sussex’s. Saw his half clenched hand. Also saw on Gen Milly’s face starting apx 9:35, when he says “assault this building…” his (portrayal of?) anger or disgust.The US military has been infected. Drag shows are now military entertainment du jour. Gender re-assignment surgery and it’s cost is now prioritize over vets in need, including the homeless vets. Now CRT. There needs re-assignment alright… removing the infected from positions of influence. It’s derangement. Ultimately, they too will have to answer for all the things they’ve done.


Unfortunately, judging by the way swamp creatures get away with far worse than what most people in prison did, they won’t be answering for anything they’ve done and continue to do here on earth. The whole time it is we who pay for it and our country suffers because of them.

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Infiltration rather than invasion. One by one, important social institutions have been infiltrated and attacked either directly or indirectly through Marxist ideology. Family-50% destroyed. Religion, infiltrated and reduced. Justice Department/FBI- infiltrated, IRS- infiltrated, Congress, Judicial, Executive, compromised and infiltrated, Educational System, fully under control of evil Marxists who are poisoning the minds of children. Almost every large city in the country infiltrated by Soros funded Marxist prosecutors, whose goal is to destabilize them by flooding the streets with criminals. Now the Military promotes racial division in the ranks, invites the mentally ill to join to get their trans surgery paid for, and these useful idiots and liars are letting it happen. Disgusting.


Yup. If one is a high ranking individual in the military or elsewhere, you don’t get there by being an upstanding citizen.

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