Body Language – Biden driven to wispering sweet nothings

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Natalie F

And here I thought he was whispering so he didn’t wake up the 25 people who actually try to watch his press conferences.


Psycho Creepy!!

I hope it gets worse fast. Think of all the people he’s hurt, destroyed.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you. Blessings.


I can see him 10 yrs ago leaning over and whispering threats in a persons ear…. like get rid of that person or you’re not getting the $10 billion we promised you….

mark woodard

you’ve got to analyze Kamala. cackle of deflection leads to lashing out leads to death stare with a smile.


comment image


Biden is creepier and scarier than I thought, and that’s saying something! How long until Pelosi, et al, have him declared incompetent?


The beginning of the end. It would really be fun if one of the fake journalists asked him how he feels about Hunter putting his crack and whores on the “ Big Guy’s” credit card or about the ethics of Carpet Farmer Hunter selling his crappy art work to anonymous, potentially foreign buyers. If he turns into Gollum muttering and whispering “ my precious” with these softball questions, no telling what he would do then. He looks so crazed and creepy don’t know how much longer the facade can be maintained.


Let him cognitively decline a tad bit more, and then ask those questions. 😇


His eyes are spooky and there are times he stops and it’s as if he is listening to the answer through his earpieces. Scary!


General Miller before Congress would be an interesting video you could do. That whole evbent was interesting.

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