Body Language – Biden, Putin Summit 2021

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Last edited 11 months ago by Nonna

The sad part is that it could easily happen. I’m following the story about Dong Jingwei, a high ranking Chinese intelligence operative who is reported to have defected to the US and has gone directly to the Defense Intelligence Agency due to suspecting that the other intelligence agencies have been infiltrated. If true, Biden, Clinton, Fauci and many others should be worried. He had Hunter Biden’s laptop, information on the Biden’s business dealings, and information on how the CCP identified and killed many CIA assets, perhaps through Hillary Clinton’s private e-mails and special access programs.

Matthew Costello

My question is why do people always make things so complicated when all they need to do is be honest and say what they want to do

Matthew Costello

In my opinion I think that there just setting up for what could be a embarrassing and costly situation that would cripple the US and give Russia the power to take what ever they want

Dan Yuka

Hey Bombard, big fan of you a few years back from youtube, always wondered what had happened to you, glad I found your website. Was wondering what you thought of the Macron-Biden scolding pictures. Great work otherwise.

Eileen Guthrie

I love it… a snake and a mouse, considering who these two men are… rat would have been more actuate and appropriate. Buyden’s the rat and Putin is the snake; the rat never eats the snake.


I would not be surprised if Putin is in on the fake presidency we have at present. Maybe this is the reason for his irritation. As for the fake president, what was blatant to me, was the jacket behavior. Someone at that level would either come out without a jacket because of the air temperature, or keep it on, because the question is being addressed directly and coherently. Instead, what I see here is a child placing his jacket on the ground. Now, it’s also possible this is a subliminal or subtle message of submission or some other sign meant for some group or person. I have to put this on a shelf to see how this plays out down the road.


Three serious cyber attacks, and Dementia Joe overrules the recommendations of the State Department and lifts sanctions preventing the Nord Pipeline, before the fake theatre summit. I think the only reason Russia and China have not made a simultaneous move on Ukraine and Taiwan, respectively, is that they are waiting to see what the censored audits uncover about the election they stole in conjunction with their Marxist allies in the government and media. Biden is compromised six ways to Sunday by multiple countries and will not do anything significant to stop them. He is weak, corrupt and they both know it. I don’t think we need to fear a nuclear exchange, since the Marxists are 3/4 of the way done with destroying the US from the inside through infiltration and destruction of almost all of our institutions using the demoralization strategy they started in the 60’s. I thought I had enough ammo, but I’m rethinking it.

Gary Long

Why he’s staring away seemingly unfocused? Perhaps this is why and also why his answers seem to be in third person –


His eyes used to be blue. He is using the contacts and an earpiece and he still wanders off unless Nurse Jill the fake doctor is not there to lead him around.


That putting his coat on the floor thing is just a bit odd. It’s like he thinks he’s at a mental institute and since he’s running America now maybe he is.

Love your analogies. Gonna have to remember that mouse one at the end.

I don’t think he’s running anything. I also wonder who is.


In a word, pathetic. If anyone finds a translation of what Putin was saying in the beginning, please post it here. I am having a hard time believing much of their meeting was coherent. Perhaps that’s why Putin seemed irritated. He had to get up there and pretend like their meeting was important. I read an article yesterday that when asked what he and Sniffy talked about, Putin said Sniffy talked about his mother (not a joke). As far as Sniffy, I seriously doubt he remembered anything about his meeting with Putin or even that he had note cards telling him what to say (again, not a joke). His short term memory is shot. Juan Williams could have done a better job. The only joke is Joe and the whole world knows it.

Last edited 11 months ago by Nonna

I swear, i really think we are close to these countries chuckin’ nukes at each other. they were terrified of trump… jesus, we just put a moron and his moron radicals in charge. if your putin, your thinking better shoot and ask questions later.


“We” put a moron in charge? Moron, yes and more descriptive terms, as well. But, we, no. It wasn’t the American people who did that.


Read what President Trump has to say about things today (best part for me is that he called Mitch McConnell a “stupid bastard”).

Last edited 11 months ago by Nonna

lmao! he did have a plan… just wasnt for the american people


Why a big deal? Biden had been poking him, so now it could be face to face. And when given the chance, Biden crossed his legs. Chances are, we’re in bigger trouble than we know.

Lucinda Mann

I hope everyone kept their little girls far away.


Unfortunately for the new Mrs. Johnson, Gropin’ Joe got his paws on her in England, in spite of footwork not seen since the four horsemen of Norte Dame, by Boris to keep his body between her and the creepy old pervert. The photo of her cringing away from the embarrassment to our country was on Gateway Pundit.


They’re all perverts. They wouldn’t be in the position they are in if they weren’t.


Says a lot that she would do that and still try to avoid Biden touching her. Good point.

Susan McCall

I tried to read about boris and wikipedia – a LOT of fluff stuff and ‘at least 6 kids’??? Wow, weird…….the part about ‘carrie symonds’? Looked her up on wikipedia..Hey ‘carrie’ – don’t say you are a practicing ‘Catholic’ when you practice satanic krap……

Engagement and marriageOn 29 February 2020, she and the prime minister announced that they had become engaged in late 2019 and were expecting a baby in mid-2020.[40] Their son was born in April 2020 in London.[41] She is a practising Catholic and had her son baptised into the Catholic Church.[42] So how many other kids out there boris? What a horndog.

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