Body Language – Obama on Anderson Cooper

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Cooper is lobbing him softballs and he’s still struggling to stay on narrative


He is hunched down because he wants to hide his triumph.
He is gloating over the biggest scam in history, that he accomplished.
He even praises Ratburger and can’t hide his exultation over his own smartness.

The stutter is: ‘forming the deception’.

Matthew Costello

It’s always up to someone else to be better and fight for the better world but they are the only ones who have the resources to help everyone

Martin Koehler

You guys have to do a analysis of this Fox 26 Reporter Ivory Hecker



At least we know there’s nothing knew or sneaky that we haven’t heard about for us to be concerned.


I reviewed it again. He is also showing the type of brain- speech behavior I used to use to detect heavy reefer smokers.

Pat Shaw

Both corrupt liars

Patty DeBingo

P.S. Both of these liars are creeping me out. He does not believe in any of the democracy talk he’s saying. Liar, liar pants on fire.

Patty DeBingo

Praise God this man is being shown for what he is. It is believed, however, that he is pulling the puppet strings for Xiden…. his 3rd. term, so to speak. I will be happy to see this person handcuffed and taken to a military tribunal and hanged for the treasonous coup he helped lead, as the main puppet for the deep state. It’s a shame this Black man was the first Black president. He is a shame to his race.


The lying dog pony soldier sure can’t look you in the eye very much .. he’s digging deep for those lies in his vacuous brain.


Ironic that Cooper leads with “dark spirits”, considering who is sitting across from him.

Never thought Osama was the sharpest crayon, but thought he was smarter and more eloquent than this interview shows.

Eileen Guthrie

The problem with Obama was always when he didn’t have someone giving him the “written words” and using a teleprompter, without them he had trouble formulating a sentence. He was an eloquent speaker when he was saying other people’s words, but not so great as alone and answering impromptu questions from reporters. You heard the uhm and ah’s a lot.  He needs a staff writer because alone in his own twisted thought process we see the real Obama. People who stammer, stutter, hem and haw are just buying more time to formulate and idea, they are stalling for time. In psychology, it’s also an unconscious sign of lying, they are trying to formulate the lie in their own minds. That’s how I know people like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Joe Biden and Barack Obama are always lying because that’s all they do when they don’t have a staff writer writing their thought processes for them. Biden and Obama couldn’t do what Trump did answering impromptu questions from reporters as he boarded Marine One or Air Force One on a trip. Trump was about transparency and the rest of these jokers are about hiding the truth from the American people. BIG DIFFERENCE. Mandy watches his body language and I listen to their words… they are both signs of liars.

Linda Wilson

The room looks Institutional to Me. Things that make you Hmmmm. His cloths, shoes

Last edited 11 months ago by Linda Wilson

Space bar works fine now. Thank you, Mr. No Name!
I don’t know which is more painful, listening to biden or this putz. It gave me an idea, though. Maybe biden’s public speaking is so horrible because along with having to read a teleprompter and dementia, xiden is being forced to wear an earpiece with Obama reading the script in his ear at the same time. If you think about it, it isn’t all that far fetched, since Obama is the one writing the script for this fraud of an “administration” anyway. As far Obama, I think he has gotten even worse because he realizes he is loosing control of his (and his handlers’) agenda and is frantically trying to reconstruct it and get it back on track. Things seem to be unraveling all over the place all at once with these commies. The fools pulling the strings are not as clever as they think they are.


I’m not hearing anyone reporting on a raid by subpoena that Adam Schiff is claiming. MSNBC had a couple of videos about it, where Adam Schiff was claiming that some property was seized by the “Trump DoJ”. Rachel Madcow and Brian Williams both had videos on YouTube about that last night. Just thought you would like to know. 
Adam Schiff Rips Trump, DOJ For Reportedly Seizing His Data





The video area is way larger than the comment area now. Is that intentional?

Barbara HEDGES

He knows what all President Trump has done to stop the deep state. They can put Biden in to stop whatever they want but he knows their days are numbered. The writing is on the wall. He is scared to death. He knows it will all soon be out there for the world to see and proof coming out of their own words via videos, memos, phone calls, and other ways.

Susan McCall

I agree Barbara – this morning on healthimpact it talked about the FDA approving a Alz. drug and how one member on the FDA advisory board resigned….by the late afternoon, 2 members resigned….the gig is up for these awful people – especially when the FDA board members are jumping ship…


Don’t forget Cooper is CIA, so it’s not like this was going to be a tough interview either.

Linda Wilson

And a Picture of Schiff and a few members of his family one of them had a shirt with Mossad on it.



Last edited 11 months ago by Nonna

I was having some issues when typing, where the screen would flash back to the picture of the video from time to time, but I could continue typing.

Susan McCall

Same here GOMF – big tech so scared we might be trying to inform each other of their doom.


Not to be picky, but the videos on the right hand side are overlapping the featured video. Not a big deal. Just thought I’d mention it. Thanks again for fixing the space bar issue!


I am very happy to see this demonic flim flam artist scared shitless. He is so desperate that he is repeating complete falsehoods half-heartedly. He must know what is coming. He is usually so arrogant and cocky as he sings the “ugh ugh” song, but not any more. Being from Illinois and knowing what a complete phony this joker was from the start, and trying to warn idiots not to trust him to no avail, it feels good to see him like this. You made my day, Mandy.

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