Body Language – AMC CEO, Ape holder Meeting


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Hey Mandy, considering the fact that UFO’s have been in the news lately,I thought it would be interesting to get your take on Bob Lazar, he once worked at Groom Lake, a top secret government base. Years ago Lazar claimed to have seen UFO’s, worked with them,and seen them operate. Here is a video of him.



Please take a look at this blue blood interview 🙏🏼💜



So how do I get that deal. buy the stock at $20 less than its trading for today and sell it and make a huge profit. Sounds like Mudrick still holds the $100 Million Dollars in AMC Debt too? What am I missing here? Wonder who gets a secret share of that profit on the backside, Hmmmm.

Letitia Le Roux

What I find interesting is the term ape/apes. Considering universal word choices to impact mindset, what does that truly implying?


we are morons lmao


The Street universally calls retail investors, “The Dumb Money”. Now the leaders of the Dumb, might be a little smarter, as they are 1st to buy and 1st to sell, so maybe not so Dumb after all?


I have a crazy theory. The people investing in these shorted stocks to destroy the predatory hedgers are a “parallel process” to what is going on between the Patriots, including President Trump, and the Satanic Globalists, who appear to be panicked, like Klaus Schwaub who cancelled the IMF international meeting. I think they are giving up people like Fauci and Gates as a sacrifice and are panicked because the Plandemic was supposed to last three to five years so they could gain complete control. They have shorted Western Civilization and got caught short, because the Plandemic fell apart. Of course some might argue that they have achieved their goal by getting a toxic “vaccine” into enough people to collapse everything. Only time will tell.


interesting…its obvious their plan is falling apart, but i have to wonder WHAT caused the reckless speed up of the whole process.


Haven’t understood why AMC stock is all the rage, but it seems to be the one to buy. 🤷‍♀️

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