Body Language – Fauci & The Covid Origin


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Happy Thursday, Everyone! The tide has turned on that pos since his emails have been exposed. Bronx Tina has a message for him (language warning for those who don’t know her): That pos even (ghost?) wrote a book for release in November. (I guess he wasn’t making enough money off the vaccine.) But, here’s the happy surprise: Amazon and Barnes & Noble freaked out and cancelled the book!


(I hope you’re all ok with the long post. I took too long to make some corrections to it–just typo type edits. With so much “conspiracy” garbage out there, I thought it would be good to dump the distinctions somewhere like this.
Fauci is a liar, thief, and opportunist.


no worries!


The “conspiracy theory” that he’s trying to escape is the irresponsibility he engaged in, which I’ll spell out in a moment.

It does not help that there is a theory out there that he deliberately sought to create this pandemic starting with efforts back in 2012 or 2014 on (from the point of view from that year) an unspecified timeline–research for research’s sake but seeking to create a pandemic. That theory is unsupported. It has too many points of conjecture daisy chained together.

We do know the following.
Fauci is well aware of research into vaccines for corona-TYPE viruses. Corona is a type of virus that includes the common cold. It is not limited to SARS. That research was for the sake of a vaccine for both SARS/MERS/etc and the common cold. It was conducted using cats and/or ferrets depending on the lab, availability, etc. Cats and ferrets apparently have lung tissue similar enough to humans. The consistent result of these experiment with vaccines was that re-exposure after vaccination killed the test subject–NOT the vaccine, but re-exposure. The re-exposure would cause a hyper-inflammatory response. That response was not the cytokine storm that we saw in people hospitalized in early 2020, but a different inflammatory response. So, all the vaccine research on cats and ferrets was a failure and Fauci knew this! It is still less than 100% clear to me if these were traditional vaccinations rather than the mRNA/DNA injection type of pseudo-vaccination that we have now. However, I believe these were traditional vaccines in the cat/ferret research, introducing non-viable viral bodies into the subject like other vaccines do.

This inflammatory response may be one of the reasons why people who did not know they already fought off SARS-CoV-2 end up having a severe lymph-node reaction to the vaccines, ranging from excess tenderness to noticeable swelling. This may not relate to the very bad vaccine reactions such as auto-immune issue and neural damage. Those may be because of a different mechanism.

Separately, back in 2012 or 2014 (I forgot which) the administration above the NIH started shutting down Gain of Function research. Fauci wanted to continue the research, against all advice from others in the field. Since he couldn’t keep research going in the US, in his massive hubris, he took NIH money, washed it through some organization (I forget their name, but it’s been said several places this week) and moved materials to Wuhan. (This can be the side-stepping-justification behind the CCP claiming that the virus was a US product, avoiding their own responsibility for participating in the research.) So, Fauci wanted to continue the GoF research (usually used for weapons purposes) against the advice and warning of basically everyone in the field, and knowing that corona-type normal-vaccinations were a failure.

This whole disaster can be traced to Fauci and his massive hubris.
Another factor that blurs the “conspiracy” distinctions is that those elites are massive opportunists when seeking increased power. They have flexible contingencies already for if anything happens. That’s’ just common sense–if you want to take advantage of crisis, you have plans for how to do so that are flexible rather than overly specific to only one kind of crisis. This flexibility works for political power grabs, where one can be broad, but not for actual crisis management, where one must plan for how to manage different components differently in the immediate proximity to events (e.g. building collapse versus flood).

People conflate broad how-to ideas regarding political power-grabs with the events that enable the grabs. This is likely because we know about the Maltheusian event necessary for the Problem-Reaction-Solution model that we’ve see in history (created the problem, secretly, so that your agenda can be presented as the Solution when the public Reacts.) We don’t have the connecting events to call this a “plandemic.” Yet. What we do have are power-grabbers waiting for an opportunity, trying to spin every event as a crisis, and then an arrogant little man with the ability to endanger us all. We don’t have the evidence that he wanted to create a pandemic, just that he’s part of the highly-educated-and-still-stupid crowd.

J.E. Mac

Love your channel. Watched you back when you were mostly on YouTube smile

One thing I find interesting about this Fauci interview is we’re seeing a new style of lying. It’s a self conscious thing, where he turns and addresses the camera directly, rather than the speaker.

You see this a TON toward the end of the interview. Especially, when he’s loading up for his “soundbite moments” he looks directly into the camera–instead of the person he’s talking to.

It’s a technique used a lot in film. The closer the eyeline is to the viewer/camera the more sympathetic we perceive the speaker. The more we identify with him.

Watch the end for how many times he does this–and specifically the dialogue he delivers as he’s looking directly into the camera. (Yes, his “believe me” looks are small and tight. But this look into the camera is a MAJOR “believe me” moment–and it’s so incredibly blatant).

His eyeline to Dr. Paul is to his right (our left). You can see this throughout the majority of the back and forth, he’s answering questions and conversing with Dr. Paul at this right eyeline.

However, we he makes his big “I didn’t do it” proclamations, he turns to the camera and looks directly into it every single time.

Anyway, just wanted to share that.

It’s something I’ve noticed quite a bit in these sort of things. The presence of the camera is something, I think most modern audiences take for granted, but these political puppets and propagandists exploit and use to their advantage.

Love the channel smile


its because the camera is an inanimate object. same as talking to the wall

Kresha Easton


Last edited 11 months ago by Kresha Easton

Around 6:13–Chinese comm, uh scientists. Truth slipping out?

J.E. Mac

Yeah, I caught that too lol

Eileen Guthrie
Eileen Guthrie

FOLLOW THE MONEY. There is monetary evidence that the NIH funded the Wuhan lab. I’ve been researching this and it appears that the funds were launder through EcoHealth grant that ended up in the Wuhan lab. Don’t forget that Obama gave them $4 million in 2015 too after touring their facility.


Think Fauxci realizes that his time is up? Gates is busy trying to prevent the Mrs. from kicking him out of his own foundation to come to Fraudci’s defense. I suspect he’s trying to distract from the NIH funding being investigated by sending the media on a goose chase.


Hmmm…Got to ask yourself why are some media allowed to go after this research stealing, corrupt little bureaucrat, who was previously canonized into sainthood by their brethren. Steve Brannon is right. We don’t get the country back until we get to the bottom of what really happened with the epidemic and the election.Who is this rat being sacrificed to protect?


you really have to wonder…. Gates & Fauci under attack… those are pretty high sacrifices. So who would be the king pin?


I was thinking about it while mowing grass on my tractor. Maybe it is not a who? but a what?. The media decides to tell a bit of truth about this, which might be the second worst scandal in history. What aren’t they talking about? They would only sacrifice their heavies to clog the news to avoid one thing. The stolen election.


yeah that election is the biggest scandal. i wonder how long this show is going to last… I hear a lot of the contested states are moving to an audit if not already doing it.

Eileen Guthrie

I don’t know if you heard, some news leaked from Arizona that they forensic audit has found over 600,000 illegal votes out of the 2.1 million in Maricopa County. They media isn’t talking about the leaked information. If they are covering it they are downplaying it or saying it a GOP lead audit to dismiss any findings. That means Trump won Arizona and all 11 electoral college votes if this is true. Can you feel the panic?


Rachel Maddow’s neck is going to get even longer from stress when she hears that the judge in Georgia has unsealed the ballots and stated that he will order Brian Kemp to call a special legislative session to decertify the election if he sees evidence of a large amount of fraud. Thanks for your research, Eileen.


Maybe a lot more than the stolen election. I believe the “what” is the abomination known as “The Great Reset”. Vigano nails it again, quite accurately and in detail. Boom! You won’t want to miss this, GOMF:

Last edited 1 year ago by Nonna

Thanks, Nonna. I did miss this one. I think Vigano has the most accurate view of the big picture. Once you see it, the pieces that were supposedly coincidental events fit together. Is it coincidence that the first impeachment, the signing of the China trade deal and the arrival of China virus patient one occurred almost simultaneously? Not likely. I see the tentacles of everything the Archbishop discussed on a daily basis. The actions of the imposter in the White House are easily explained by the great reset. As I’m sure everyone who decides not to comply has seen, we are surrounded by others who comply out of fear, gullibility or groupthink repeated by the media. I’m glad he has at least some hope. Sounds like he is hoping for a health crisis for Bergolio the Evil.

Linda Magro

Good question…speaking of Steve Bannon (War Room), I would love to have you assess Peter Navarro’s body language. He always touches the back of his head as if he has so much info inside it that he’s trying to keep it in.

Matthew Costello

The people running the shop are probably not famous but they have a lot of things to explain if we truly want to advance as a society


Ah, Fauci, the poster child for Crimes Against Humanity. Ron Paul did give the facts. Fauci’s pants are on fire with lies after lies after lies.

That CD cover was the first thing I noticed Mandy. It was placed there on purpose. It gives subliminal messaging about who is being interviewed and who is squirming in his seat. Duh!


lol yes that sign cracked me up lol


Yes, Dr. Ron Paul has addressed this issue. But, it’s Dr. Rand Paul who put Dr. Mengele on the hot seat. Love both Drs. Paul. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, so it’s easy to confuse the two. Poster child for Crimes Against Humanity… Good One, Galileo!

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