Body Language – Central Bank Digital Currency Payment Systems


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Wow, Mandy. This man must be smoking his CBDCD snake oil. The Fed is done. We are moving to digital currency and the central bank is fighting it like little children. His body tells with the lip closing and swallowing is a “billboard” sign for us, the Fed is dead.

I’m able to view the video without any glitches. I have cable wifi internet service.


This is torture. I love your videos and i can’t get any of them to play now past two min. on counter. I have a great computer and no problems with other videos. I would use ‘brave’ which says it would speed up my browser, but i am afraid i might have more issues then with my computer where i have to stay with firefox for other things i watch with workshops i am doing. I think it’s our service here and i am soo sad bc i these are one of my favorite things to watch. Is everyone else using Brave? or just not having any problem? i have sat and waited for 30 min and just get the lines in center that appear as it is downloading but it never plays at all after a couple of min.

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I am not using Brave, but the same problem happens when I try to watch on a phone or tablet over WiFi. They will play on my hardwired computer. On the other devices, Body Language Ghost plays fine on YouTube.


When I purchased my first real estate, the interest rate for a non-flex loan was 19.5 percent. I was lucky to get a flexible rate of 13.5 that went down every time it had a chance with no penalty for paying it off early. Is that where we are headed Jerome? The only decent person I have ever seen with that name was Bo Diddley’s maracas player. I am glad he is stressed and about to swallow his dentures.


I bet houses were a lot cheaper too. it would be a big incentive to pay off early is there is no penalty in doing so.


Bought for 75 and sold for 275 30 years later. I think they hide the inflation with some commodities. I figured that we saved over 50 K in interest by paying it off so fast, then used the next bubble collapse to upgrade and get the hell out of Cook County. Just did not go far enough, unfortunately.

Rand Talley

The Fed has been working on strategies and alternative technology to control and replace crypto currencies for a long time.

They do not like competition. Most monetary wealth would move outside of their control because they are rapidly degrading USA currency.

The manipulative elite have increasingly been changing the rules midstream.

The lead up to the 2020 national election and the complete unwillingness to restore the results to the rule of law is but one example.

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i think they hate BTC and anything like it. They like the idea of selling us something that they manipulate the name to sound like it but give them even more control.

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