Body Language – Melinda Gates Acting


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bil doe

is that a male or female?

kirsten eaton

Hahaha. Mute the video and it looks like a bad version of interpretive dance.


Well, besides her body language, the message is absurd. There is nothing more important than care giving! If we “commit” to “it”, then what is it we r committing to? If someone, like women, do NOT care-give, then who will? Government? Menial, uneducated workers who would rather collect unemployment? I’m not sure what she is trying to say other than care-giving is not worth it b/c it’s unpaid. And we can imagine where that is going.


You should check out Fox’s new docuseries “In the Valley. of. Sin”. If you skip straight to Episode 3 at around the 45 min mark – there a “tell” that raises a big red flag and might get you interested in the rest. The people in the first episode might be telling the truth – but I think that’s just to prime us to take in the rest as true. I smell BS.

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I can’t get over that plastic surgery.


I checked and my mobile volume is up. No sound


Also , the video has no sound. What’s up? Back to YouTube


Apparently I’m not in a high enough bracket silver/ gold to watch the crime series.


OMG, Just listening to these questions, these folks are really from another planet. Who gets up in the morning and thinks about this stuff and takes the time to invent or make up grievances.

We live in the richest time in human history, with historically, the most freedom of choice and opportunities for all people. The United States leads the world in this regard. The truth is that these folks will never be happy and should just me debunked and then put on ignore. The fact that Melinda Gates is O.K. with these questions means she lives in Woke, Rich, Fairy Land and has no idea how the world works for the majority of people.

Matthew Costello

On may 29th Constantanobel (I don’t think I spelled that right) fell with believes that the were above everyone else. Just saying


All I know is Alien-lady needs some bangs. DAMN!

Dustand Ashes

Is Melinda Gates even a woman?


“Melinda Gates” used to be a woman…


Looks like this divorce will be entertaining for us all. Get the popcorn!


Malinda G. is your standard,run of the mill, diabolical narcissist. I have seen people like her my entire career (50*+ years in computer services) She would happily gesticulate and smile warmly just before disemboweling you and feeding your entrails to her pet hyenas.


“Build Back”, like “Great Reset” is a talking point that says “I’m in the globalist anti- family population control transhuman cabal and you, you useless eater are not” These people are pure evil. I shudder to think what they do in their leisure time.


She needs to go work for CNN.

Susan McCall

I’d like to know what symbol is on her necklace?


Who is the cartoon lady interviewing her?


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