Body Language – Gas Shortage Funny Business


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“You cannot tell the truth to the masses, you must show them” We are getting exactly what 45 warned us about. Some of us prepared. Others have been irretrievably brainwashed, and in spite of taking their experimental MRNA gene therapy that has killed 4000 so far in this country, will continue to cower and comply. Is this the new natural selection?


I understand they turned the line back on…. but that deliveries will take a ‘few’ days.


Well that didn’t take long. From complete energy independence (thank you, President Trump) to up Schiff’s Creek, just like that (thank you, embedded A.S. Sholes). I do see some humor in all of this green new deal bull schiff:


It will be even funnier if they put it right next to Barry and Big Mike’s new place and they get pelted with dead gulls raining down from the blades.


Perfect place! Of course they won’t, but I’d like to believe that their view strolling along the shore will be crapped up and the noise will disturb the hell out of them 24/7.


Gomf, You and Nonna 😅 Thanks. I needed a good laugh ♥

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