Body Language – Secretary of State of Arizona


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She sounds pretty scared now.



I guess the Dems forgot Florida recount with Gore and Bush?
This is what we do in a Republic.


Nice video – thank you

they are arrogant criminals .. they are smarter than you and I and have rigged the system for years without very little reprisal.

MSNBC = Clear Bias


This woman reminds me of this sort of answer:

A lot of these people simply believe they are right. They haven’t seen the evidence, they emotionally feel they are right, so they are right. It is like what you say about belief systems. They also believe they are well researched politically… Why? I have not been able to ascertain. Perhaps reading the Guardian makes one feel “well researched”.

In my personal life I am keeping so quiet about this. I tried to tell people about election rigging at the election but now I have gone all quiet. Which means it will be extra juicy and satisfying when something really does break loose. Whether that be May 14th or some other date.

One of the satisfying things is that the people on the left that assumed they are right, and furthermore, assume that any disruptive events won’t have any effect on them or their friends psychology, despite getting worried when they thought Trump was going to win. And committing body and soul to the left wing paradigm.

The satisfying thing is when the disruptive event comes. Whatever it is. That arrogance of ‘I’m not looking at election fraud evidence because I prefer it not to be true’. Well, it will break all of a sudden. Their psychological foundation will move from under them. And since I have not talked about it much they won’t be able to project it onto me!


Thank you, J W, for your excellent comment and interesting link. I can only hope your optimism is well placed and your prediction turns out to be correct. I, on the other hand, have serious doubts that anything of any significant consequence will come from this or any other audit. Where you say “when”, I say “if”. Still, I continue to pray to God for our country and our future in it.


There’s no fear because we are fighting not the Democrats, but the global cabal who stole this election.


I always LOVE your videos!

Susan McCall

Professional ‘dodgers’ – the deep state needs people that can run away from patriot reporters:

You don’t run from the biggest election win in history -You run from the biggest election fraud in history.


The arrogance of these infiltrators never stops. Part of the Soros funded plan to infiltrate the United States by bankrolling Secretaries of State to undermine elections and Attorneys General/County States Attorneys to destabilize cities by supporting and enabling criminals. Even though they are foreign agents, they know their fellow travelers in the Injustice Department and the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude will protect them and go after conservatives only. The Maricopa County officials already set up the chain of custody defense by sending out the ballots without the proper documentation. That is why they fought like hell to force the audit to a remote site.


Didn’t you see the glee when the pink maniac mentioned the billion-dollar lawsuit?


Criminal organizations operate on a need-to-know basis.
She only knows what she needs to know.


Thank you for sacrificing your ears to listen to these two, Mandy. Ugh… their voices felt like nails on a chalk board to me, grating and annoying.

Still praying for an honest outcome to this forensic audit, and protection from the Biden administration. 🇺🇸

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