Body Language – America’s Audit, Maricopa County


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I liked your comment
Go Big or Go Home.
I think that she has taken so many potshots by the cabal she is pumped up and ready to fire both barrels.


Seems like she was told to be cheerful, upbeat, and positive. Dr. Ward probably is a shrewd politician, but, as you said, Mandy, this style isn’t her normal. Thus, she comes across as unnatural, IMHO. Continuing to watch this develop. Just wish we knew whether tangible proof of voter fraud will change anything, in ’21 or future elections.


Right, bottom line, is this all going to amount to anything concrete?
The portrayal was too much, too unnatural. If anything, this tends to make me suspicious. I have to work on the nuances. Thankfully we have you Mandy.
P.S. Watched Wall-E later that night. There was an interesting line. “Try Blue. It’s the new Red!”

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Crazy wasnt it!


It was! You described it well. Thanks again for recommending it. I’ll try sign language next time lol.




Dr. Ward is a politician with a backbone. She knows the storm that will reach gale force strength once the report is released when the same algorithm used by the Sure system in each of the seven swing states to flip votes is uncovered in Arizona. In addition to Dr. Wards updates and the information from Dr. Frank, Matt Diperno and others on the Frank platform, the Vote Liz Harris You Tube channel has excellent coverage of election integrity/fraud efforts in Arizona, Michigan and New Hampshire with multiple daily updates. Since almost all media is either ignoring or trying to discredit the audit we can trust none of them. Only OANN is doing any honest coverage and even that is scant. Biggest scandal of our lifetimes.

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