Body Language – Biden SOTU 2021


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Is the livestream chat for members only?


yes, gold members. thank you


Thanks. I see I didn’t miss anything. I couldn’t bear to watch it. HOW EMBARRASSING.


I didn’t watch it either and for the same reason you gave. We would have been embarrassed in that situation, but those creatures didn’t seem to be at all embarrassed. They looked quite proud of themselves. They believe they are in control.


Though I did not watch it either live, I was intrigued by Glenn Beck’s interpretation of the content of the words the speech writers wrote for the Trojan horse to read, so I made sure my stomach was empty and went back and tried to get through his stammering and misspeaking and I think Glenn was right. They are laying the groundwork to justify a totalitarian system. Though Biden had no idea what he was reading, that is where his controllers are heading.


You have much better intestinal fortitude than I do. I did manage to get enough stamina this morning to watch a short clip of Romney getting booed off the stage at the Utah GOP convention yesterday. It’s “glorious” and gives me hope that the “controllers” are already failing. Now THAT was EMBARRASSING!!!!


Good to see. Elitist virtue signalers like Romney and Cheney who have more loyalty to DC than their constituents need to be forced out. More true Patriots are volunteering to serve at the precinct level to develop enough critical mass to throw bums like that out. It is a frustrating experience when you see how many in the Republican structure are not willing to fight and are comfortable being losers, but outside of starting a new party, it is the only way.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.


3:23 that’s Gen. Milley, not Kelly. Ted Cruz dozing off was classic!


He is still flying as “NA” instead of AF1. There are also Park Police helos either shadowing a masked Marine 1 or actually transporting him from Delaware, circling the White House grounds without landing and landing at a hospital in DC on Sunday nights. An opaque fence has also been erected blocking the view of the spot where Marine 1 usually lands at the White House. These bizarre events combined with the fake green screen event with the press microphones, lead me to suspect that either he or events are not what they seem. Most days, his schedule starts at 9:30 or 10:00 and often ends at 2:00. Starting to question if he is even in the White House. Remember the press gaggle outside at the WH when President Trump was departing on Marine 1? Has anyone seen outdoor shots there since Aphasia Joe took over? This is not normal.


has harris moved into the vp house yet?


She supposedly moved in the first week in April and sold her DC house for over a million and her SF condo for just shy of that. Probably not unpacking everything since she will be moving to the White House soon.


POTUS: “Now I have to tell ya, [Biden]’s a different guy. He looks different than he used to. He acts different than he used to.”


Joe Biden is shot, “he’s got half of his head left”

interesting gesture POTUS makes with his hand at the 14 second mark 


Rand Talley

Empty minded people following a nihilistic, destructive ideology; making everything worse while selling it as being so magically wonderful.
Venezuela indeed.

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