Body Language – President Trump, On Current Events


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Ann Arthur

Hannity is positioned closer to the camera so that he looks larger than President Trump.


Good to see him relaxed and even mentioning his business. Can’t stand Hannity and don’t know why he gives it to him. I don’t think ratings mean anything anymore.
I worry now if elections will ever be fair again.


Rating matter a lot to the networks who depend on ad revenue that allows them to even exist, not to mention to pay millions in salaries to stay on script. Corporations will not put out all that money for advertisements when the viewership isn’t there. So, yes, ratings mean a whole lot. When we watch any fake news, we contribute to the continuance of the lies. As far as elections, I think many were tampered with, but now the tampering is completely out of control. If things aren’t corrected very soon, voter turnout will be almost non-existent for the next election and will will lose our country.


I agree Hannity is more often than not insufferable to listen to. He is controlled opposition.

I get the feeling none of this will matter if the world is going to go along with the great reset we are all targeted to go under. Imagine 60 years ago if the same kind of nonsense was foisted on the people then. Wait, it was, only we didn’t go for it. Then again, the powers that shouldn’t be weren’t as well organized as they are now. And the media wasn’t completely controlled as they are now.

Eileen Guthrie

I can’t stand Sean Hannity, NEVER could… he’s a walking talking narcissist, he’s disrespectful to his guest. He asks a question and then constantly interrupts them when they try to answer and it’s so annoying.  Hannity has to be the center of the interview when it should be on his guest. The only time I could tolerate him when he was on Hannity and Colmes. Colmes was diagnosed with cancer although it was only known in the industry why he was quitting Fox. He was a tolerant liberal, not one of these arrogant, fire breathing liberals that are around today. Bob Brickle was another one I could tolerate him because he could admit that he was wrong about something. You will NEVER hear that come out of the mouth of Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera (two guys I can’t stand; they are the authority on everything but know nothing). You’ll never see that now from the Faux News media conglomerate that’s nothing more than Prada propaganda and PR spin, the old soviet style and Baghdad Bob (remember him from the first Iraq war. Telling the people that there were no US tanks while in the background you could see them). It just reminded me of the riots from last year and being told they were “mostly peaceful protests” while in the background you could see the chaos, people running around, and buildings being burned to the ground. Are you going to believe what they tell you or are you going to go by what you actually see with your own eyes?


Hannity: The Interputis Maximus. He seems to constantly circle back to make himself relevant. It’s so frequent that I’m almost convinced it’s deliberate.
Ie, 4:17 “Knowing what you know, things that I wouldn’t know…
What type of person would interject such nonsense to a President just to insert yourself?
Is it me or does he regularly come across as arrogant and self-affected?
But it was great to see Trump more relaxed. I cannot imagine his stress while in office, or another POTUS ever having to endure what he did.
Thank you Mandy – Hope you’re all doing well.


IMHO, it’s encouraging to hear POTUS talking about the future, but, yes, his feistiness is still missing. We see a spark here and there, but not wide open as in his past, both as president and private citizen. Praying his spiciness returns in force and in full. Guess POTUS distrusts Hannity, like many of us do. It’s a shame when someone thinks they can talk over people, especially a president.


We should all be feeling that same stress. Things are rapidly spinning into a whirlwind of catastrophic disaster all over the world now, politically and on personal levels, and President Trump knows that better than anyone.

I deliberately did not watch this interview on TV, since I have refused to watch anything on FauxNews and help their tumbling ratings since election night when they were the first to declare joe president elect, a bit too happily and without question. Their ratings tanked so badly afterwards that I believe they had President Trump on Hannity just to get a ratings boost. Hannity bothers the heck out of me when he constantly interrupts his guests. But, I thought I might watch the video I knew Kane would post of it on Citizen Free Press in the hope that maybe Sean would show the President the respect he earned and so richly deserves. Kane also refuses to help FauxNews and now posts only pirated videos of Faux interviews so Faux can’t make a penny off of that. I read the comments first, as I usually do before watching most videos, and sure enough, it seems Sean had the audacity to talk over President Trump and when the President wanted to say something about McConnell, Hannity abruptly changed the subject and moved on to something else. That’s why it’s still FauxNews and getting worse. OANN and NewsMax are the only news stations I watch, and not even on a daily basis anymore.

On a side note to Mandy, I don’t know if Body Language Ghost got a boost in viewership recently, but Kane has been posting links to that website lately. Just thought you should know, if you didn’t already. He also has a list of links to a bunch of great websites and that’s how I found Bombards Body Language a few years ago.

Last edited 9 months ago by Nonna

My bad. It wasn’t from Citizen Free Press that I found you, Mandy. It was from the list of wonderful links on Those two are my main go to places for news and info and both of them link to you. Also, thank you for doing that spot on analysis. It’s all I saw of that interview.


thanks for letting me know Nonna. i always wonder who our shares are from!


Thank you Nonna. Good to know.


Have not trusted Hannity since he, among others, did nothing with iron clad open source evidence that Barack Obama did not pay any property taxes on his Chicago home, that my wife and I sent him prior to the 2008 election. None of the so-called “journalists” followed up. About two years into his first term the information vanished from Cook County records. That and the fact that he is an insufferable blowhard, who dumped his wife and is shacked up with the pinhead from Fox and Friends.

Eileen Guthrie

Yeah, I stopped watching Faux News a long time ago. When they removed Roger Ailes. The powers that be had been trying to take him down for years and they finally found a way. For me the writing was on the wall and when they put that lying RINO Paul Ryan on their board, who despised Trump, I knew they were going to change drastically. The faux conservative commentators showed their true selves they wanted a GOP member of the DC establishment as President. Most are corrupt or compromised in some way and that’s how they control them. I’m a daughter of a former news division executive and knows how the media works and why my dad retired early. He didn’t like what he was seeing happening in the news media. It was no longer about honest news and more about PR spin, especially in politics.


I get the feeling that he is biding his time. The stolen election and engineered “insurrection” were not mentioned or even alluded to. Now that he knows how deep the corruption goes in all parts of the deep state, and that in order to achieve MAGA goals, the President pursuing them is going to have to fire everybody and have a full team of trustworthy people ready to go, he can bide his time knowing that Dementia Joe will be taking the country to a bad place in a very deliberate way that will be more obvious to the people. Also interesting that he resurfaces the same week as the presentation of the evidence of algorithmic 2010 census based election fraud carried out by China traced to each computer, but does not mention it.


How can we know all of what President Trump did or didn’t mention during that interview? FauxNews edited it to suit their own agenda. I still believe God chose Donald Trump, so God will continue to enable him.


Valid point. Fax News will not allow discussion of election fraud, foreign interference or contradiction of their assumption that the Dementia Joe administration is legitimately elected. I noticed that a lot of the sheep I know who were possessed by TDS, have now started to show buyer’s remorse regarding Biden.

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