Body Language – Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren, Fighting Immaturity


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Catching up on your videos again…
I just looked up the match. It seems Paul got an almost-lucky (meaning not entirely luck) shot on Askren. That wobbled him enough that the ref called it. Oh, the crying and wailing on Paul for winning! It’s that childish mind, spilling all over the place. Winning doesn’t gain my respect for him. Askren did it for the check, essentially, I guess.
I’m not impressed with trash talking. It’s one thing to have fun, another to be an oversized child.
However, it is interesting in the video that the adults can play or be playful, while Jake, with his immature, childish mind, cannot play. (Personally, that makes me appreciate the friends I have, who can play.)


I hope Paul gets a concussion.


These two need to review some old wrestling interviews to learn how to trash talk correctly. Even though he’s not really good at it, Ben at least was consistently able to needle and get under the skin of Jake. Having competed and coached some sports, always trying to show and preach good sportsmanship, I can tell you that it is dying out, with all of the dancing in the end zone, taunting and trash talk. That being said, you do have an edge if you can control the emotions of your opponent. I think that would particularly apply to fighting. Looks like this one is the old boxing versus wrestling (or MMA) gimmick that has been around forever. Depending on the rules, the boxer almost always loses, because they have no idea of what to do once they are off their.feet.


I miss the “I’m so pretty” and “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” talk that were Ali’s mantras. As to the second part of your comment, former wrestling coach, Jim Jordan and downright Crazy Mad Maxine came into my head. Whether or not you realize or intended it GOMF, you accurately described the current DemonRat Party. Seems like everything from sports to politics, even to life itself, has become hell on earth.


Having grown up in a town that had two television stations, us kids had little to watch, which is why we spent so much time playing baseball or reenacting the Normandy invasion in our neighborhood. We had roller derby, wrestling, gospel music on Sundays and Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton on Saturday. We knew the first two were fake, but we didn’t care. Ali’s genius was to take the mike skills of the tv wrestlers and apply them to a semi- legit sport like boxing. Like them, he always stayed in character. Miss the whole era. You are right- the Marxist agenda’s goal is to bring hell to earth. The CCP controls sports, the entire entertainment industry, most of both political parties, academia, and indirectly the drug and human trafficking cartels. Jim Jordan is trustworthy, one of the few.


Not having seen any boxing matches at all since the days of Ali, I had no idea who these people are, so I had no preconceived opinions about either of them. I am around boys (and girls) of high school and middle school age just about every day. I see them interact with each other and sometimes they’ll come over and talk to me or we’ll joke and laugh together for a minute or two. In any event they always say good morning and tell me to have a nice day. Those kids are much more mature than Jake, yet they are acting their ages. So, Jake surprised me. Ben is about on par with the high school boys. I don’t know, but maybe what I just watched here is considered boxing show biz today. If so, it’s in a really sorry, dumbed down state. I can’t even begin to imagine that Jack has a following! Seriously? What a frightening thought! What the heck kind of groupies follow that fool? Maybe Jake just took too many hard shots to the head. The boys and girls I know would do an eye roll if they saw this video and I know they’d have a few choice words about Jake. (A couple of the kids I see might think he’s “cool” or whatever word they use these days. But, those couple of kids have obvious psychological issues. They seldom to never even manage to say hello to anyone and they are always alone. When I do hear their voices once in a blue moon, it is when they are mumbling to themselves or shouting obscenities into the air. So sad.)

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