Body Language – Hey Nocoiners, World Economic Forum


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I don’t know if those people are of the 1%, but this video came to my attention. I think it has a real ring of truth to it. DIVIDE & RULE – The Plan of The 1% to Make You DISPOSABLE – Vandana Shiva (After Skool)


Bob Johnson

Funny to watch people who are very late to the game make themselves out to be experts.


I’ve been interested in crypto, trying to learn about it. Following a couple YT channels, but wonder if I’ve chosen good channels since I know nothing, LOL!


Any young person would have to be asleep to not pay attention to what it has done. When I was younger my rule of thumb was to take profits with 50 percent of a volatile asset once it went up 10 or 20 percent, but this is a whole new world. Since you guys know much more about it, I am wondering if the value of it is based exclusively on the fact that it is a finite asset in a world of fiat, or if there is more to it.


We are going to be doing a podcast again. it will probably be weekly. this is a great topic and will probably discuss it.


I wonder if the reason it’s skyrocketing is because Cancel Culture backs the USD.

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