Body Language – Future Of Money, Pompeo on Fiat & Crypto Currencies


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I like Pompeo, even if he was Director of the traitorous CIA (2017-2018). I hope he is truly a good guy/white hat.


The transcript is available on their website. It is fairly interesting reading. The members have a varying level of awareness of how thoroughly the CCP has infiltrated our institutions, especially big tech, university research, media, Hollywood, sports, and the US government, but almost all of them fail to realize that it is not because of the victims of it are naive, but are willing participants, whether their price is money, power, or honey pots. Now that the CCP, in conjunction with the Democrat party and corrupt republicans have figured out how to steal our elections and put puppets in power, they will make their move on Taiwan, which the entire west depends on for semiconductors. When Dementia Joe does nothing, what will happen next?

Rand Talley

Measures and counter measures.


Good, ole “Kansas”… 😉

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