Body Language – Cliff High Science Experiment, Mainstream Reaction To Woo


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Your VID on Cliff’s experiment is fabulous work. Smart! Intelligent maneuver to outwit the academia-ite’s. May the universe reward you with favor$.


I must not watch enuf tv as I get older… because I have no idea who these people even are. lol


Found myself reacting to this interpretation much the same way the subject is described reacting to her perception of absurdity. You know… the eye roll package.


Oof, the resistance is strong with this one… great visuals, Mandy!


I always really enjoy your videos, as someone who’s been asked to read body language quite a bit. You do an outstanding job of explaining the nuance that is really tough to explain in the moment after an interaction, I suspect it is only possible to do through video.


Ugghh! What a thoroughly unpleasant woman. Almost no eye contact, to the extent that her eyes looked closed, apparently having the big three attributes that make me go the other way-close-mindedness, ignorance and arrogance. So she thinks humans could survive without fire, clothing and shelter? The archeology analogy is a good one. For many years they tied themselves in knots to dismiss evidence of cultural diffusion and trans-oceanic travel by ancient cultures to maintain their belief system that Columbus was the first to cross the ocean. Very similar to the global warming hoax-conspiracy, which is even worse, in that your job is in danger if you don’t support the delusion.


Thanks for this one….. I listened to this via podcast so didn’t see it… I listened to Clif and then put two and two together and thought it was interesting…

Now I see it play out and it almost gives the whole thing new meaning…. thank you! In fact I’m going to have to try and watch them more often instead of just playing out while I garden!

Heather is such an academic… a smart lady… but an academic sense 100%
Brett had to go back and get his degree because the uni said he had to so he could keep teaching… he is not the classic academic.

Heather would not survive the alien invasion alone but I think her husband secretly hopes for them to land in his backyard!


lmao… that would be funny!

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