Body Language – Trumps Defense Secretary, Christopher C. Miller


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The way I see it, Trump wasn’t just contested by the Democratic Party, he was fighting against the 1%, The Great Reset is what they are after accomplishing. Prince Charles of England is the head of that effort. It’s not even a hidden conspiracy, they are found announcing themselves as though they are saviors of the West, and we need to hurry to engage in their plan. Every Democrat fear issue is a part of the 1% rhetoric. Climate Change and Covid being the current issues they bring up. With a quisling in chief in the White House, it would appear that they mean to convince us all of their need to “save” us.
DIVIDE & RULE – The Plan of The 1% to Make You DISPOSABLE – Vandana Shiva


When I see illegals filing into the US, it reminds me of the lines of dissidents filing into Yemen through Saudi Arabia some years ago before that whole thing started to erupt into violence. These people; the 1%, are going to try to cancel “We the people” who resist.

f4ct f1nd3r

Just an idea, you could run the full video you’re analyzing, then run it again with your commentary (so first people can see the full discussion at length, then see the analysis)

Not really necessary although it would let people know the full discussion prior to the body language analyzing =)

barbara jewell

LOL,,,in a church really. wth..

Susan McCall

Since when does a priest ‘not’ wear a collar especially in a church? My Uncle was a priest and my Aunt was a nun…(I know a little bit about their ‘uniforms’). Weird interview – that is one place you really don’t have an interview….now confession? Yes!


I do remember priests didn’t always wear the collar when they were in the rectory. But, you’re right, Susan. Apparently, it’s okay to have in interview in the Church (they aren’t wearing masks!), but Church attendance is restricted because of the plandemic virus spread. In too many places in the USA our Church is unrecognizable now. The weirdness today is thanks to the American Bishops and Cardinals. It pleases the fake pope. As far as confession, both of them are in need of remorse and repentance. Even confession has become a joke to them. I haven’t been to confession or to the Novus Ordo (post Vatican II) Sunday Mass in years. When I was in the hospital last year, a priest kept coming to my room wanting to give me Communion and hear my confession. Since I have not been going to Church and am in violation of their rules, I kept declining. Finally, one day the priest said I didn’t have to speak my confession to him. I could do it silently! (Then what do I need him for? Besides, it is God who forgives sins and not a corrupted priest.) Again I declined and I asked him if he didn’t think that would be hypocritical on both our parts, since I had no intention of following the rules of a corrupted Church. He said he would pray for me and I said I would pray for him, as well (and I did). He then knew better than to engage me in conversation again.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nonna
Susan McCall

Hi Nonna – I think many of us that went to a Catholic school have many stories and many are not so good. The priest I had in high school was mentally ill with severe anger issues…even the regular bullies were afraid of him. He slapped me and my friends one day right across the faces (my girlfriend’s earring came out drawing blood, and my nose bled) – her mom was more understanding and was going to let her go the non-Catholic school but I begged her not to because I had to stay. My mom asked what I had done to provoke him. Another time he caught us in the hallway when we should have been in class – he grabbed us by the upper arm, and next thing I knew I had 4 fingerprint bruises. His face would turn bright red when he was ‘mad’…one day in ‘religion class’ us seniors were discussing conception. I asked him the question: ‘can a woman become preg. during her period’? I thought the class was gonna drop and his face was bright red…it was my ‘got cha’ moment. After 9 years of mental/physical abuse to the students,(in that one high school – I wonder what his real record looks like) he finally admitted he had ‘anger’ problems and I saw him one more time in the hospital when my mom was so sick…I then realized something: priests that hang out in hospitals must be there due to demotion. I don’t know for sure but sounds about right. My next story will be about how my mom made me go to confession even though I was living on my own, because I was ‘living in sin’ so thus, not allowed to receive communion. She made me go to confession but at that time, they had started ‘open confessions’ (face to face). So by golly, I met face to face with the priest at the time. I explained to the priest I was ‘living in sin’ as my mom had said, and there really wasn’t any remorse from me – I can’t remember what he said but it was a waste of time. The look on my mom’s face when I told her I had gone ‘face to face’ was of sheer horror. For her sake it was probably good that I didn’t live in that small town anymore. Little did we know that was a cream puff issue as more ‘serious’ issues developed through the years with marriages, and divorces. As I announced my engagement to a ‘divorced man’ (it will be 36 years in a couple of weeks) she told me I would be excommunicated from the church…I asked what that meant….she said I couldn’t get buried back home.


I know from some of my friends that what you wrote about is true and I am sorry you went through that. I was much more fortunate. I was in public school until high school because my parents didn’t want me subjected to the local (Irish guilt trip) parish grade school. My friends who went there told me the most ridiculous stories the nuns told them. I was fortunate to attend a private (non-parish) Catholic high school run by Italian nuns. Never was I or anyone else slapped or physically abused. (There was sarcasm, which was pretty clever and funny, as I recall.) It was there I learned the Catholic religion and theology. The nun we head in religion class was amazing. She put flesh and blood on the Acts of the Apostles and made religion come alive for me. It was that teaching that has never left me to this day.

Happy Anniversary, Susan! No, you are not excommunicated. That is a whole formal ritual. Just not allowed to receive Communion, if you follow the rules. I know some couples who got divorced and remarried. An annulment of the first marriage was always available to them for a payment of $10,000. They all declined and some of them left the Church. Most of the others who stayed in the Church don’t follow the rules. Like don’t ask, don’t tell.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nonna
Susan McCall

Right Nonna…I guess the lessons we learned were to respect any man/woman of ‘cloth’, belief in life/humanity and the Golden Rule. Through the years we learned the nasty’s behind Church beliefs/Catholicism and some of us did stray away…you learn that it’s more a ‘one-on-one’ relationship with God. I know I did but when my child went to fight a war I will never understand, you learn to pray/reunite with God and keep the flame of belief inside you. The video that Mandy showed was (i.m.o) done by a man ‘portraying’ to be a ‘priest’ and that we, The People, were supposed to believe it and show respect for the man in cloth….it was a manipulative move from the Church’s standpoint to tug at our hearts and to ‘believe’ him – I am grateful to know the difference now.


No, not nasties in the actual “beliefs”, Susan. But, definitely nasties in their many self serving rules, some of which may change from time to time, depending on how much or how little is in the collection plates. Just my opinion.


Yes, Nonna, you were lucky. In thinking back to elementary school, which was run by BVM nuns for the most part, most were mediocre teachers at best, one was particularly abusive. She was a real piece of work and the peak of her insanity or dementia, forced a boy named Tom to walk back across the hall to third grade, where he remained, due to refusal to sing in a falsetto voice. She whacked me so hard in the back of the head with a geography book on the first day of fourth grade that it lifted me out of my seat and had me hanging over the front of the desk. The school got rid of her at the end of the year, but the whole class had to endure her WW I marching songs, abuse, and downright evil sadism for the whole year. I do not think either gentlemen in the interview were priests, though. We all have our stories about Catholic education. High school was definitely better than elementary school for me, by far.


Who are you saying is a priest? The interviewer? Why? Because they are in a church? I could only find that this interview was done by Vice News. Since when do priests work for Vice News? I think you can safely say they were simply doing the interview in a church and it has nothing to do with the Catholic Church!


I feel for POTUS45- surrounded by those who neither had his back nor had America’s back. 😔

Rand Talley

This interview appears rehearsed and hypocritically staged to me.

If I recall correctly, this guy Miller along with the Joint Chiefs groomed by Pres Obama, refused to follow Pres Trump’s request for National Guard troops to help quell the months long Antifa BLM riots hosted by Dems in cities and states which they controlled.

Such insubordination was grounds for Pres Trump to fire the lot of them. But the Dems would have used such a presidential act to stage another unprincipled, sham impeachment.

In contrast, immediately after the staged Jan 6 riots the military rushed thousands of troops to “protect” the Capitol Building and other government buildings. The cost was a mere one-half billion dollars, without many troops being housed or fed properly.


I agree, Rand. The entire deep state, including rogue departments of “Justice”, “Defense”, State, and many others defied and obstructed perfectly legitimate Executive Orders by President Trump and are now trying to resume their mission of destroying any opposition to their traitorous agenda.

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