Body Language – Larry Kudlow, Biden Economic Policy


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I honestly don’t understand at this point how nobody is talking about the “press conference”. The easy questions he was given one at a time. The notebook he was carrying. Then the statement where he says he doesn’t think there will be a republican party in 2024. Is this because of the filibuster? Why weren’t the reporters asking a million questions after that. Are the reporters being told they can’t ask certain questions? Idk your completely right this is movie and not even a believable one. This is scary!


Talking Heads – Swamp, 1983. Black-Eyes Biden.

Now let me tell you a story
The devil, he has a plan
A bag of bones in his pocket
Get anything you want

How many people do you think I am?
Pretend I am somebody else
You can pretend I’m an old millionaire
A millionaire washing his hands


Are the tickets to this movie refundable? So not a fan…


I listened to Larry’s financial show on the radio for years. Most of his content was directed at the individual investor, and for the times, which included very unstable markets, his advice was essentially pretty good. At least it worked for me. His background of being an extremely liberal Democrat, recovering from cocaine addiction and turning into a supply side conservative while converting from Judaism to Catholicism, might indicate that he is something of a shape shifter, or that he sincerely changed. You are right though, Mandy, we are living in a movie. Opposing “sides” are really on the same team against us, with very few exceptions. How any sane person could watch a stammering, demented, weak and unstable brain damaged fool ramble on for an hour and three minutes and act like there was any coherency to his thinking are either in denial or worse. I watched a few of these actors dance around the elephant in the room after the press conference today. Better get your preps up to date, folks.

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