Body Language – James Sullivan, reasons for rioting


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I am hoping to see more from his interviews, from his experience in jai (did he have reference?), to his charges (which he seemed oblivious to). He reminds me of a mix of Tai Lopez and Rod Rosenstein. There’s a lot to him and his background I’d love to get into. Thank you for doing this one. It is helpful to get a glimpse into his intentions.

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Matthew Costello

I can relate my parents grew up poor and when they finally got above the poverty line they just went crazy. To this day my mom can’t stay off amazon and my dad can’t go more than two days without going to the bar but it’s their life so what can I do?

Le Katt

Hi Mandy and the crew! Thanks for your videos, I looove them! I understand that yt is demonetized but then which platform do you profit from fans watching your videos? Is it better to watch your videos here or maybe odysee?


thank you. Odysee rewards us


A few comments about Stafford, VA, and NoVa:

Prince William County is one of the most affluent counties in Virginia, 2nd or 3rd only to Fairfax County.

Stafford hasn’t been “podunk” for at least 20 years, as the DC spread traveled farther south, and VRE and Metro expanded south.

Stafford sits along the I-95/Rt. 1 corridor.

Yes, most folks who work on DC live(d) at least an hour out and commute in.

Being a DoD contractor isn’t a low-paying job, especially after retiring from the military. (My uncle, who retired from the USAF makes $5500/month, retired, not working).

Even if his parents moved to NY because they inherited his grandmother’s house, COLA in NY is *far* higher than NoVa.

I don’t trust this Sullivan guy any farther than I could throw him.

In case you can’t tell, I was born in NoVa (more than 50 years ago) and primarily raised there. Have friends still in Stafford and have traveled I-95 more times than I can count. Sullivan aggravates me & I don’t think the host was buying his perspective. 🤷‍♀️.

As always, Mandy, thank you for sharing your gift with us. Hope all are doing as well as can be.


Oops. Sorry, didn’t mean to reply.

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John, not James (who is his brother and, supposedly, his political opposite). I only know that because I didn’t know who this guy is and had to do a little searching for info. At first, just from watching this video, I thought he had adoption issues. After doing a brief search, I learned he began an organization, “Insurgence USA” (a “social justice” group). Red flag. Another Soros funded group? Then I read that he promoted his organization with Alex Jones on InfoWars. Another red flag, since I am most definitely not a fan of AJ and I don’t trust him at all! That promotion of Insurgence USA was a clear violation of John’s release orders. He’s also been appearing on a lot of media and I would imagine he’s being paid handsomely for that. Red Flag. But, instead of going to back to jail for the violation(s), the judge let him go, despite having “serious concerns”. Red Flag. (Say what?!!! Why let him go?) It’s gotten to the point that I don’t believe daddy blew all his money at all, despite the bankruptcy. But, what do I know? I’m just guessing here. But, I do know that this whole thing stinks of something rotten. There is an old Italian saying: When a fish stinks, it stinks from the head. And this does stink!


Definitely. This has all the earmarks of tactics used by certain intelligence agencies to manipulate the narrative leading to events like the color revolutions in places like Ukraine. It would not surprise me at all if his father worked for the agency and he and his brother, who are both not what they seem, are as well. I might have mentioned it before, but anyone remotely curious about the events of January 6th should review the video “Psyop the Steal” by Millie Weaver on the website There were multiple groups of coordinated agent provocateurs in that crowd and nothing was as presented by the press and politicians.


Yes, he is probably telling the truth about his background, but if this clown, Jade Sackett, and Ali Alexander don’t do some jail time as a result of their infiltration, instigating and acting as agent provocateurs, it will further prove to me that almost everything that happened on January 6th was a deep state false flag set up.

Susan McCall

I’m back…can’t stay away….and no, I’m not gonna get deep/dark anymore. My co-worker’s son had to go to a riot and he said he was going to ‘Make History’. He ended up getting shot with a rubber bullet in the groin, and lost a testicle. Then he asked for money from mama but she said no. I gave her kudos.


Natural selection almost worked.

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