Body Language – Harry & Meghan


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Tracy Lebo

All I’m going to say is they’ve used a surrogate for by children.


The Bob Lazar video analysis has been fascinating! It seems like Humanity has struggled with disclosure for decades thanks to the special interests of governments and military agencies around the world. With the advent of the INTERNET, or the “information highway” all of the secrecy is being revealed. Like Bob Lazar, others have tried to go public and faced serious consequences for doing so.

Having said that, would you consider doing a segment on US Admiral Byrd, who bravely and boldly explored both the North and South Poles for the US Government and Military before Bob Lazar came on the scene. People have given their lives for the research and disclosure along with Lazar and Admiral Byrd are US General Forrestal (” James Forrestal was the last Cabinet-level United States Secretary of the Navy and the first United States Secretary of Defense “), and later a StarGate remote viewer named Pat Price began to disclose and out of the blue, as Forrestal had an untimely passing. Today I came across an interesting yt video with quite a few historical television clips of Admiral Byrd telling about the government’s plans to explore Antarctica (which soon after was quietly covered up by the US Government and Byrd was no longer talking with the media about such things). Here is a LINK:


Kathy Johnson

I am brand new here in the comments, but I have been reading this great site for a while. It is fascinating!

Mandy, first thing I noticed about Harry was the spinning of the wedding ring, then moving it back and forth over his knuckle like he was taking it on and off. Is there some special significance to toying with the ring? I mean he could have been twiddling his thumbs or tapping his fingers together instead of playing with the ring. Is that a subconscious expression that he regrets the marriage?

I also noticed that Her Royal Pain-in-the-Butt’s hand over his looks just like the claw of a bird of prey holding down its victim.

I did not watch this interview, but from the little snippets I’ve seen I cannot believe that this is the same guy that piloted attack helicopters against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

John Pinter

Dear Mandy, as I stated before on you tube, your bombards body language website is fantastic. I highly recommend everyone who reads this subscribes. (By the way, I downloaded chrome cast which enabled me to access the videos.)


I can hear the audio but can’t see the video. Anyone else having that problem or has it been censored?


Go out of the video and go back in a second time. I always have to do that.


I have left an established life for a boyfriend and I know Harry is not happy with this. He had a connected, established life, family and social role in the UK, not to mention his culture, and no matter how much you love your partner, you will feel isolated, alone and in culture shock. I am betting this will not work out because when he attempts to negotiate to meet his needs, she will pull the I’m a victim of racism by your family card every time.



Reminder: you can watch me and the wife trashing our families tonight at 9.00 on Dave.

Eileen Guthrie

To be perfectly honest, I don’t like nor trust Meghan partly because I don’t feel she’s her genuine self.  But I feel she’s very manipulative and she’s playing her role in this liberal “victim” scenario. I don’t trust her motives and why they left the Royal family. Here’s why…  they both claim that they left the royal family to have a quiet, unassuming normal life. If that’s true then why did they move to Hollywood, the paparazzi capital of the United States. It doesn’t make sense to me, because if I wanted to live a normal life, Hollywood would be the last place I’d go, as there is no “normal” life there, it’s the world of make believe. 
I would move to Idaho, or Montana, buy a lot of property and enjoy the rest of my life with my wife/husband and our children. But moving to Hollywood only means they change geography; they’re just trading one royal family to another as Hollywood royalty. But maybe this… what I’m going to tell you might be the real motivation. Meghan’s name is on the Hollywood pedophiles list and moving to Hollywood means her secret is safe there, she’s protected like all the rest of the Hollywood pedophiles are.
I can’t stand Oprah because she’s a phony, fake person, and boy oh boy her reaction here is totally phony and truly nauseating. BAD ACTING. Both women are actresses and bad actors at best. If the royal family were racist and bigots, we would’ve seen it over the decades. She really wants Harry to sever all ties to his family and wants him all to herself. Why?  So, she can manipulate him by isolating him from the rest of his family. But both women have been race baiters for years.

angela villali

Sorry but that big fat pos oprah looks awful and I just can not stand her. ……she also a bad actress. Oh, but I love you Mandy and think you are enormously talented.


Thank you for reviewing these two, Mandy. Probably wasn’t your most favorite one to do, but it’s appreciated. Even though I’m American, I enjoy following the BRF, especially Diana’s sons and their kids. Yes, there are far more important and serious issues in our world, and within the BRF, but I do actually worry about PH. I think MM reeled him in and PH had no idea what he was entering. Lots of photos of MM in front of Buckingham Palace and she stated that she Googled PH before their first date.

Rumor has it that MM & PH intentionally created a daughter, with medical assistance. That may also be behind PH’s faux excitement, since he knows they picked the gender. Just some thoughts. 🤷‍♀️

Hope all are well!

ej wxbs

I think we watched them before some time back and she was clinging to him a He strikes me as someone who has been raised to be aloof toward the common and reacts in a perfunctory manor to the clown interviewer. Aside from the pantomime he is likely devoid of personality in real life…but loves her dearly so he endures. I like her – she has come a long way toward adapting to the worldwide attention from the last time i saw her.

ej wxbs

I’ve been here for a couple of years and this really bothers me. i rarely post to anything and getting the most negative responses I’ve ever seen here is going to keep me up at night. Would anyone be willing to tell me why what i said was so off topic or just stupid?


Though I did not downvote your comment and have only ever done that once when somebody got so outrageous it could not be overlooked, I suspect it had to do with the interpretation of your last sentence. Many people believe that the ex-Dutchess sought the worldwide attention, either naively or with self interest in mind, then portrayed herself as a victim of it when she figured out that she was going to have to conform to things she did not want to do. I personally see her as a narcissist, but I respect your opinion. She certainly is a poised narcissist on interview. Don’t lose any sleep, and glad you spoke up.


Like my friend, GOMF, I seldom downvote comments made here for the same reason and didn’t downvote yours. The way I see it, people are entitled to express their opinions whether or not I agree with them. I think the downvotes were a knee jerk reaction. It seems to be that Markle is seen by the British and by many Americans as a fake and a total narcissist. I see her as a narcissist actress who is playing Harry for a fool as she plays the role of his deceased mother. If you read my other comment about her wanting the tiara, I forgot to mention that it had belonged to Diana. Never take downvotes personally because 99.9% of the time they weren’t meant as a personal attack. We are really a nice bunch here and would like you to share your comments with us. Kudos for asking for an explanation, instead of walking away. That I respect!


I wondered why Queen Elizabeth refused permission to allow her sister, Princess Margaret, to marry the man she wanted and yet Harry was allowed to marry the C List actress, a much worse choice than Princess Margaret made.  Then the thought occurred to me that maybe Prince Phillip secretly ordered a paternity test between Charles and Harry a while ago and showed the results to the Queen and maybe except for Charles, they kept it a secret.  There have been rumors about Harry’s legitimacy for a long time, anyway. I recently saw a show on PBS about the British Royal Jewels. The narrator told a story about Harry showing the royal jewels to Markle and she saw a tiara that she wanted to have. Harry told her he would give it to her as a gift.  But, much to his consternation, whoever was in charge of protecting the royal jewels refused to give the tiara to Harry.  So, he went and complained to Queen Elizabeth, letting the Queen of England know that “Whatever Meghan wants she can have!”.  The Queen responded “No, she can’t.”  So, I thought if there ever was a secret paternity test done and it confirmed the rumors, that would have been a very good time for Elizabeth to let Harry in on the results.  It would explain a lot about the dumb choices Harry has made these past couple of years.

As far as his fidgeting with his ring, I got the impression that he wasn’t used to wearing it on his finger.  Maybe he wears it hanging from somewhere else on his body where Meghan can easily take hold of it like a leash. After all, as far as he’s concerned, what Meghan wants she can have, totally forgetting that she is an actress, albeit not a very good one.  But then again, Harry isn’t exactly the brightest jewel in the tiara.


Interesting theory. I could not bring myself to watch the whole interview, but it would explain a lot. Based on what we now know about the intelligence communities in both countries, the mysterious death of the mother, and people who are not what they appear, who knows if she isn’t a plant to disrupt the UK?


I didn’t watch it either, GOMF. I don’t usually pay attention to or even care what the royals are doing, but the media just keeps them in the headlines, so it’s hard to avoid picking up bits and pieces. While watching what Mandy posted here, I thought OMG he married his mother! So, you can see I’m not a Di fan either. Given what happened in (what used to be) our own country, I started to wonder how China will get rid of William and have Harry anointed king by their own appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.


“Ahh, I’m not a fan of hers and I wish Harry alot of luck- he’s going to need it.”- 4 10 20

Alex Ogle

I didn’t watch the interview but this confirmed what I expected from it.
As to her body language when she talks about going into the marriage naively; well that is explained by the fact that she naively expected that she’d be able to use her Royalty to further her career and activism. She didn’t reckon on the life of service she would have and the control required of her and enforced on her.
I despise that woman. Kate is much better.

Susan McCall

What can we believe anymore these days? I mean I believe everything you say Mandy, but what exactly are we to believe at this time?

The ‘conspiracy theorist’s’ believe that Oprah was wearing an ankle monitor underneath the leather boots she wore when she sat down with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – and allegedly that isn’t the ‘real’ couple.

IF we believe there were ‘crimes against humanity’ via sex trafficking amongst the rich/famous/politicians, and IF we believe there was voter fraud, then the crimes against Treason and against Humanity are to be dealt with….right??? It’s just a very confusing time right now and are we being played?


i believe what i can prove… the money wants to take it from me and the people are mostly oblivious.


I find it helpful to look at what the deep state, deep tech, are trying desperately to prevent being discussed or hide to find the truth. Justice is a whole other matter. Look at who tried desperately in concert, to take out somebody who was not supposed to get elected. Who are they really and what are the connections between them? What is the real agenda and who are they working for? We may never get all the answers, but I sure know that most of what the media spews is disinformation designed to confuse and manipulate.

Susan McCall

Thank you GOMF3602 for your thoughts. I think this will probably be the last time I will be involved with this site. I appreciate everything Mandy has done for me in the revealing of truths vrs. lies via body language, but we are in a media war/a political war/ and a sex trafficking war. When Mandy says: “I believe what I can prove”…that leaves me even more confused and that statement is right up there with “Do your own research”….please show me how beings as I am banned from f book, can’t trust google, can’t trust conservative websites anymore, (plus the fact they want $$ – just to read?), the removal of all alternative doctors on the web, the perpetual spinning of misinformation regarding anything covid, and how successful evil people are at lying. I am weary of the conversations with friends and family, and I am weary of arguing with my kids because they ‘know’ everything.

My son is a ‘scientist’ and thinks he knows a lot body language. He has not cared for Mandy ever since she had a video about ‘territorial cops’ which I had sent him years ago. I have tried to defend Mandy but this is a kid with a Master’s Degree and the last year has mostly been about covid arguments. Many people think I have been ‘too political’ and more recently a ‘conspiracy theorist’….which makes my blood boil because I try to get people to see two sides of a coin – and they refuse.

I don’t want to get into any more heated discussions anymore about truths….I will become silent and only argue with husband – but discuss with close friends my opinions or ideas. Either people are awake at this point, or they are not…and you, my friend GOMF will always be a like-minded individual and I thank you for that.


I will miss you, if you do decide to leave us Susan. Maybe take a break and then come back to us?

Susan McCall

Thank you Nonna – you are a sweetheart.


Thank you. You have friends here, but you have to take care of yourself. I know the feeling having been cancelled, name called, etc., even though all I do is either answer or ask questions, rather than initiating a discussion. The last one was over the holidays when a relative asked me why I thought the Supreme Court was dodging dealing with election fraud cases even though most were appointed by Republicans. I secretly call it “literal disease” A question asked with implicit incorrect assumptions with an unwillingness to consider that the underlying assumptions might be wrong, causing an immediate “tilt” of the mental pinball machine.


As a simple guy, I’ve come to the conclusion that what we are witnessing is true evil and the power that they have. This past “election” was proof. They are not afraid to show us who they are.




you should really not argue with anyone. its not healthy for you. it strains relationships and the reality is, they dont see you as an equal anyway. if they did, it would be a discussion instead of an argument. we all want to save family, but some either dont want saving or think they dont need.


PS… i dont care about any news anymore. i care about staying out of the way of the collapse that is actively happening, knowing who is a king pin or liar in a collapsing system is like worrying on the difference of a 100ft tsunami or a 110 ft tsunami.


I know what we can’t believe. Mainstream media is an obvious one. TV is there to hypnotize. There are still outlets for truth though. It’s just not the regular social media outlets. Each of us has the power of discernment within. We really need to develop it and continue to develop it, but for some it might be too late.


Hypnotism is little understood, but it is literally what we are dealing with.

Rand Talley

Couples counseling before an engagement is IMO an essential practice, and one from which Prince Harry and Meghan might have benefited greatly.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rand Talley

Love blinds and fools are blind regardless

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