Body Language – Cuomo ‘eat the whole sausage’ pressured reporter not to waste food


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Jenn Randall

She would have changed this whole scenario around if she ate it with a knife and fork! 🤣🤣🤣


**flash backs to dysfunctional family memories in childhood**


The woman next to him is probably his daughter. I’m sure she’s used to Dad’s (mis)treatment of women by now. The look she gives “sausage girl” is priceless!


Looks like they got Kamala keeping an eye on him.


Hard to believe that so many brainwashed people will STILL see nothing wrong with him.

Susan McCall

As an ex-bartender, his ‘type’ of personality reeks of needing attention. When this ‘type’ would be around, you just knew your night was not going to go very well as you would have to cater/jump/run for them. They ‘feel’ entitled to manipulate every conversation, and pick on everybody, then ‘buy’ a round to control even more. The daughter was probably coerced/urged/told to go with him so he wouldn’t look like a moron – but he still did. That ‘look’ from the daughter was the only control she felt that night.

frank papandrea

on the money

Rand Talley

This is an abuse of power that is all too common with Dem Party politicians and too many others. What they do in little ways they likely do in big ways
As a political subculture, they have largely neglected or abandoned Judeo-Christian moral values. Their thinking and actions tend to be without a foundation so this kind of behavior emerges.

In contrast, Gov Cuomo’s youngest daughter Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo repeatedly demonstrates positive, principled, moral behavior. She is trying to help her wayward father. God bless her.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rand Talley

I didn’t see where she where she was trying to help her father. Is there an indication of it in this video? Also, how were you able to edit your comment, Rand Talley? I still can’t figure that out.

barbara jewell

always young chicks. OMG, I want to see u eat the sausage,


Of course he’s stressed because that is his daughter sitting next to him. His daughter is not amused. Knowing it was his daughter, I watched a second time just to focus in on her. She is DEFINITELY NOT amused. I got such a kick out of how she shook the “reporter’s” hand then shortly afterwards felt the need to scratch her nose and with the same hand! LOL


What does it tell you about his character if he would make lewd double entendre references in public and in front of his own daughter? The only reason that the media is covering this is because there is no crime and to distract from his actual crime of obstructing justice by giving false information to conceal the actual numbers of nursing home deaths. His contributors, the hospitals, benefitted by clearing their beds faster so they could put another China Virus patient in and get twice the money from the feds. His other contributor, the Nursing Homes benefited by him absolving them from liability and being full. That is why the Comfort, Javitz Center, and Samaritan’s Purse facilities were barely used, while everybody’s grandparents were sacrificed in the nursing homes to build the death total to further control the public in a fear narrative. Those who care about the truth should read “Undercover Epicenter Nurse” by Erin Marie Olszewki.


I’m not familiar with the Comfort. Is that the hospital ship President Trump had specially equipped to treat China Virus patients in NY that wasn’t even used?


Yep. They totally redid the ventilation system in miraculous time to isolate Covid patients and it was barely used. What President Trump did concerning the virus was one of his biggest accomplishments. The media psyop to conceal and distort that is almost as big as the psyop they are still running about the virus itself.


Haha – actually fun to see Cuomo’s daughter’s expressions, towards the flirty chick and towards her dad. Cuomo gets an interesting look in his eyes occasionally, like, “Can you believe this? It worked!” 🤣 What a jerk, yes, even though the “journalist” willingly participated and went along with it.

Cuomo isn’t guilty of sexually harassment with this lady, but he is probably guilty of it with others. Just my opinion.

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