Body Language – Biden on border briefing, no memory?


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Bob Johnson

More proof that we are living in a simulation.


Hard to believe so many brainwashed people will STILL see nothing wrong with him.

Looks like they got Kamala keeping an eye on him.


DemocRATS – you voted for him; and even some of you RINO’s….the man you elected is brain dead. He doesn’t have any say, whatsoever, about anything that is going on. Someone else is running the show and it has to stop. If we only knew.

frank papandrea

gone in 6 mos.

Rand Talley

Only as long as it takes to groom and prepare Kamala Harris for her assumption of the usurped presidency, with an eye towards related political events for the best timing.


Good grief! If this clip alone doesn’t convince people who voted for him to wake up, nothing will. It’s my understanding he still doesn’t have the launch codes for nuclear & scalar weapons. Thank God.

And thank you Mandy for pointing out the body language of Biden. I think he’s on display to show people the messed up government we have.

I check in on Monkey Werx too from time to time. I find it amazing the whole country isn’t wondering about a “president” not flying on Air Force One. This is how asleep people are.


Wow “I’ve been cautioned not to give an answer to that.” That sounds like a follower not a leader who is speaking. But at least he remembered that unlike the meeting about the happenings at the border.

Rand Talley

Joe Biden has always been a front man, not a leader. That is why the DNC chose him.

barbara jewell

unreal, he is a joke and told not to say much of nothing,, LOL.


Last edited 1 year ago by barbara jewell

– Kamala: yes, Joe, that’s the right answer. Good job. You get your vanilla pudding dessert tonight. 🙄


The part of this that is interesting and not surprising with a brain-impaired puppet in the White House, is that past presidents going back to Bush senior were cunning enough to want open borders, but act like they cared about border security, drug trafficking, and criminal aliens getting into the country. This one is not making decisions and “true believer” Marxists like Susan Rice are calling the shots without a care about optics or getting reelected in such a blatant manner. People are starting to wonder why there is no State of the Union speech or why Biden’s plane is labelled “NA” instead of “AF1” when he flies. The reason that they want him in as long as possible is to implement their destructive policies with no accountability for Harris or whoever replaces him when the “stroke” happens.


i didnt know about the plane labeling


One of the few good things left on You Tube besides music videos is Monkey Werx. He does a daily vid during the week covering all military and agency contracted planes and helos in the air. Also interesting is that Harris’ plane is labelled “AF2” and that President Trump does not have a temporary flight restriction over Mar A Lago, unlike most former presidents. It is useful intel with a lying media.


Did not mean to imply that Body Language Ghost is not excellent on You Tube. Was not thinking of you being there since I came here after the David Hogg purge to support the channel.


no worries!

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