Body Language – Christian Porter, Attorney-General of Australia


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Porter says “In this last week I have tried to do what I what I have tried to do all of my life, respect the rules, the processes and the law.”
He is lying.
Porter is a serial law breaker and should be dismissed from the Attorney General’s position. This is not left/right, the law and constitution are explicit.
For a history of his political abuse of the system see this from veteran journalist Michael West.

He came across as measured, authentic, and well spoken. He balanced well the delicacy of confronting serious allegations, personal injury (by allegation), and a grieving family. There can be no backing away from or placating to this kind of tyranny. Such individuals are insatiably in their appetite for destruction to gain power. If they are this ruthless to gain power, we can only imagine what they are capable of once they wield power..

Mandy/MNN, Don’t know what’s happening with this new format. The appearance recently changed for me and has begun behaving oddly. Is it just me, or anyone else?


You are not alone, Lorna. I’m having a few minor problems with the new format, too. Maybe it just takes some getting used to. I don’t know how to use 4 out of the 5 last dohickies at the bottom and I really, really, really do miss the edit button! (Hint, hint.)


This is a classic left on right political attack.

ABC that raised the attack = government funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation that is extremely left biased.

Christian Porter is a conservative minister

The opposition leader that the journalists refused to talk about was the Labor party leader .. traditional unionist of the left

Thanks for doing this Mandy. I actually felt his pain during this press conference and pray that this scenario is fixed before our boys of today grow to be men in charge tomorrow.

I don’t think Porter has actually fought hard enough for our freedom’s but maybe now he will show the left some balls and fight them on the subjects that count.


I learned quite a bit about reading body language from your analysis of A.G. Porter, Mandy. What struck me was the absence of the “believe me look”. From his words and your analysis, I do believe Porter is telling the truth.
Watching him reminded me of Jim Jordan and what hell he was put through. It just makes me sick to see how Saul Alinsky tactics are being so widely used today to destroy a political opponent. Now I think Alinsky was right to dedicate his book to Lucifer. The whole damned thing is demonic.


In school, pursuing a social work degree, I was forced to read Rules for Radicals, which at that time was only in print for a few years. Though I was horrified at the use of such deceptive and manipulative tactics, I did study it. AG Porter was clearly a victim of Rule number four: “make the enemy live up to their own set of rules”,apparently lied about by somebody who was dead, unable to respond due to policy, and not even presented with a clear allegation that could be responded to even if he did. There is so much corruption and manipulative theatre taking place now nothing is what it seems. I think the Cuomo allegations are an attempt to distract focus off his criminal obstruction of justice with nursing home deaths and onto salacious acts that may have been poor judgement and social skills, but so far, not criminal.


There is so much corruption and manipulative theatre taking place now nothing is what it seems.” It’s all downright demonic. God help us!


Just for the heck of it, I wrote down all the false narratives that have been used to confuse and manipulate people over the last five years alongside the reality as far as I can tell it. Scary and a very good example of the great deceiver and his servants- the left and the media. If everybody did that we would have a better country.

Rand Talley

7:22 Thank you for the interesting insights about stress and its release, and the observation of body language in relationship to what is being said across multiple points being expressed.

Politically driven reporting is routinely being used by the management of news organizations as a weapon to slander or otherwise misrepresent in highly sophisticated ways.

Intentionally inaccurate reporting to attack for political gain is a practice which directly undermines the rule of law because it can effectively deny due process and equal protection, two most fundamental principles.

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