Body Language – Trump & Jordan at CPAC


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barbara jewell

like his natural color of hair, look real good.

barbara jewell

was a awesome CPAC 2021 great talking from Mr. Trump, which is still my president , and Gordan had a strong talk also, we need to stop these Demin Demorate big time.


Excellent speech. I like how he brought up women’s sports and one day for voting.

I think he actually looks well rested and in better shape now.

Ursula Leach

I was so happy to see Trump speak again. I miss him so much. Bidiot/Harass they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring and they are ruining everything our real President (Trump) has done for us and for America. Trump needs to run in 2024. I think we all need to write to him and let him know we want him back.


President Trump already knows that, Ursula. Better to use your time doing something constructive or to learn something. There’s a great book written by Frank Morrison, “Who Moved the Stone”. He set out to prove that the Resurrection of Christ was just a myth, but came to a very different conclusion.


I think there were a few undergarment “accidents” yesterday by the RINOs who thought they could go back to being corrupt losers and co-conspirators with the Party of Slavery in the Swamp uniparty. The State Legislatures need to be motivated and ready when they are called racists for demanding voter ID, Election Day only voting and restrictions on absentee ballots. It is not that hard to say “ So are you saying minorities are too stupid to have ID’s and show up to vote? How racist of you to have such low expectations.”


Having watched some of the speeches at CPAC 2021 and seeing the audience respond, this speech from “Poolhall Junkies” popped into my head and it’s stuck there.



love this

Suzanne Cook

My husband George and I knelt in the living room and prayed with all our hearts for our country, for President Trump, for Mr. Jordan, for us all as we STAND on what George and I like to call, “The Level Path of Jesus’ Peace” (TM). It’s certainly interesting times in which we live!

Ursula Leach

Like that was gonna do anything. Don’t put your faith in something that is imaginary put your faith in yourself and Trump.


It will “do something” even as you mock. Without God, we are lost.


Watched the last part of bull-dog Jordan yesterday and all of POTUS45. I thought America needed them 4 years ago, but we sure need them now.

Trump hates losing, but loves being the underdog. May God bless his efforts, protect and guide him, and protect America. 🇺🇸 Good to know there’s still some fight left in him!

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