Body Language – Mitch McConnell Interview


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Leola Foreman

Is there going to be more video of Psaki or video of Nancy Pelosi after the impeachment. I would love to see how you saw that outburst

David Berens

Brett Bair is still a weasel.

Last edited 1 year ago by David Berens
Eileen Guthrie

McConnell, a guy I truly despise saw his approval rating had dropped to just 18%. I’ve loathe that piece of turd for at least a decade. Kentuckians are mad at McConnell because he hasn’t really backed up Trump AFTER the election and was the first one to fold and congratulated Biden for his win, when massive amount of evidence was coming out daily that the election was stolen from the American people. McConnell is very corrupt, who has gotten wealthy by selling his last name and influence to CHINA, There isn’t much difference between McConnell and Biden. RINOs do what his best for them and not what is best for the country and its citizens. McConnell does what is best for McConnell. I’m hearing calls for his impeachment or a recall election is being discussed in Kentucky. It’s time we take the Republican party back from these corrupt RINOs or Rockefeller Republicans. Kick them all OUT because they are ruining the party and have lost sight of what the party used to stand for and believe in. It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our power that was given to us by our Founding Fathers and the Constitution and out of the hands of the corrupt, power-hungry political establishment who ONLY CARE ABOUT POWER AND WEALTH. I’m so sick and disgusted by these people.


Thanks for this one.
It’s all about he money. And he’s losing it now.
He would just say anything.


Wow, good analysis (as usual). It’s interesting he calls the blatant socialism going on by using the softer term “progressive” but not surprising. He is so void of morality and honesty.

Ursula Leach

McConnel also at one time had polio and I know from experience (my mom had polio and was badly handicapped for the rest of her life and several of her friends) that it also leaves something behind so you may want to take that into consideration too. ‘In 1944, at the age of two, McConnell’s upper left leg was paralyzed by a polio attack.] He received treatment at the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation. The treatment potentially saved him from being disabled for the rest of his life. McConnell stated that his family “almost went broke” because of costs related to his illness’ source


Mitch seems to have deluded himself, thinking that We, the People, will forget his blaming of Trump for BLM’s and AntiFa’s actions on 1/6/21. Hope he enjoys this current term, as it’s his last one.


Speaking only for myself, Gates, Yellen, Lindsey, and Mitch all in a row is hard to take. Not saying you’re wrong for focusing on these creatures, Mandy. Just saying it makes it hard to watch, much less enjoy. Would you consider focusing on CPAC for a while? Right Side Broadcasting has live coverage and videos you should check out to lift your (and our) spirits. Matt Gaetz knocked it out of the park! Maybe not much body language to read into, since he was reading from a script, but still great and there might be glimpses of something significant. Charlie Kirk, on the other hand, was extra animated and he also knocked it out of the park. Many other Patriots giving excellent speeches there, too. So looking forward to seeing Pres. Trump there on Sunday night (I think that’s when he’s scheduled). Maybe a reading of Pres. Trump’s body language might give some clues about what Lindsey and Mitch are hiding? Thank you for any consideration you may give this suggestion, regardless of your decision.


Seeing who were (re)elected makes having hope difficult, doesn’t it?


Hope? No, Beth. Without election integrity there is no hope. Until we get Justice under the US Constitution, there won’t be any integrity in our elections. I simply meant what I typed. Do you think our churches will finally be allowed be open filled to capacity this Easter? We can hope all we want, but the answer is Justice. We need a lift for our spirits to help us stay strong in our Faith in God. The speeches of the Patriots CPAC lets us know that we are not alone, so don’t give up Faith that
God’s Justice will prevail.


Just so you don’t miss the speech, I think the schedule is for the real President to speak is Sunday at 3:40 pm, I am assuming eastern time. It is hard to see evil on the march after having a taste of America First and some hope that the swamp can be lowered an inch or two in depth. The only good thing is that their arrogance has exposed the corrupt fully and maybe a few more will awaken from the psyop of COVID, Insurrection, Moderate Biden, Peaceful Protests, Social Justice. and Globalism. Biden’s handlers are overplaying their hand as they always do. God Bless all Patriots. We need to stick together


Thanks, GOMF. Just finished watching Pres. Trump’s speech at CPAC. It was an hour or so later than scheduled, per usual, but definitely worth waiting for! Lots positive energy in that room.


At or near the top of his game. Great speech, especially about election security and the list of RINOs that need to be sent packing. We are not alone and the energy is still there. We will not forget and are still pissed about the corrupt election. I just resigned as an election judge and signed up to be a tabulation observer at the county counting center for the April election. They use the Dominion machines here and there are two lawsuits about very close elections that are trying to get discovery. We are also trying to organize Patriots to volunteer for the hundreds of thousands of vacant Republican Precinct positions that exist nationwide to take over the Republican Party and get rid of the parasites. We have critical mass to do it with President Trump at the helm.


Less personality and character than the opossum that showed up on my back porch last night cleaning up the crumbs from the peanuts I put out for the squirrels. Mitch better contact his in-laws for another 35 million dollar bribe (“wedding present”) during the next six years, since that will be the end of his career and his usefulness to the CCP. That speech was out of character, since he almost always plays it safe. Major miscalculation to piss off somebody who loves getting even. Shows how these scummy swamp creatures do not understand the real world, and overestimate their position.


Nice to hear you feed the squirrels.
I live in a very very liberal small city in WI and just got a complaint and advised not to feed the squirrels. Snuck a few peanuts out for them today though.


We had three feet of snow on the ground for a month and didn’t get above freezing, here in northern Illinois. They would probably have starved to death otherwise. They look plenty healthy to me. Glad to hear that the “Karen” peanut police are on patrol in Wisconsin stifling freedom , causing squirrel starvation and enforcing environmental justice.

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