Body Language – Lindsey Graham on Trump, McConnell, Midterms & Newsmax


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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David Berens

pppfffft what the f did getting judges do ?
Wtf good did Kavenaught do ?
Interview reaks of a rehabilitation effort to coax us back into the scripted game.

Last edited 1 year ago by David Berens
Eileen Guthrie

Well, for Mitch he is in trouble with the voters of Kentucky. His attacks on Trump after the election, when before the election he was supporting Trump. He suddenly did a 180 after the election as did this turd. Remember they told Trump to not concede that he won the election and like 10 days later, they both did a 180. They change their opinions like most people change their underwear or what the direction the wind is blowing. Trump did NOT want to sign that last stimulus bill that gave billions to foreign countries and just $600 to Americans. The GOP did NOT support Trump and he ended up signing that monstrosity of a bill. Now, here is why they didn’t support Trump. Those funds are laundered by these foreign countries (it’s not just countries but corporation, companies, lobbyist firms and charities also) and their leaders. These countries take their cut or a percentage and the funds get sent back to the US. If you ever wondered how politicians get so wealthy from a salary of $174,000, that’s how.
For Mitch because his lack of support for Trump AFTER the election, Mitch’s approval rating is now at just 18%. We reelected these two clowns, plus Romney and the rest of the GOP, to support Donald Trump and us, their constituents to protect our interest and back up Trump. Some of these corrupt and greedy politicians are starting to feel the heat, because there are calls now to impeach them. ANY POLITICIAN WHO IS IN ANYWAY COMPROMISED, THEN THEY NEED TO GO AND BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE!! Why are there still 3 fences, armed security and the National Guard around the capitol? They are starting to fear us and our wrath. I think the American people are just fed up with these political clowns. REMEMBER: the capitol building is called the People’s house. It’s time to evict them.


When a snake sheds, it only loses the outermost layer of its skin, keeping the “skin proper” very much intact. In other words, it’s still a snake.


I do hope & pray that Graham has shed his snake suit.

P.S. It’s okay, Lindsey – I like a manly man, too. 😉


When he did an apparent 180 when McCain died, I figured that McCain had the goods on whatever he is trying to hide. The more I think about it, he seems to have a pattern of seeking approval from a stronger individual and coattail riding. Kind of like the wimpy kid on the playground who tries to be friends with the toughest guy because he knows he can’t fight. I was watching his demeanor during the wall visit at Alamo, Texas. He was almost running behind the President in his mask and Dockers like he was afraid of being left behind. Either that or trying desperately to be seen by the cameras. Do think he knows the Republicans don’t have a chance without the MAGA voters.


Lindsey lives in a glass closet and doesn’t want to be “outed” or lose his lucrative career.


Whatever evidence McCain was holding over his head must have died with him. After watching Psyop the Steal by Millennial Millie and seeing how many dirty tricksters were involved in his campaign and had a major role later in trying to undermine President Trump, it is obvious that McCain would do just about anything to gain an edge.

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