Body Language – Bill Gates on Trump Censorship, Texas Freeze, Bitcoin & Vaccines


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He is such a smarmy disgusting demon, I can hardly stand to watch or hear him ! He has all the attributes of a seven year old “special” imp of an only child who brags he will someday king of the world ! Like Charles Darwin, Gates sets himself up to be an “expert” in fields he has no education, understanding or experience in… Is Gates criminally insane or just pure evil?


I loved the BTK reference and the “everyone’s favorite serial killer.” LOL!!!

I just don’t understand why people look to this college drop out for advice on anything. I am not an academia snob but he stole the idea for MS and was financially backed by the US govt. MS products from day 1 and still have not been improved upon that is why people run to Apple (if they can afford it.) Gates comes from a very powerful wealthy family that is how he got to US govt to back him. His grandfather was the head of the Seattle Federal Reserve – nuff said. Lastly, he donates a ton of $ to the Guardian, Washington Post, etc to buy himself good publicity because he is what everyone has said he is…. a serial killer, sleazy, lizard, etc.



He is today’s snake oil salesman, selling a “cure” for something that doesn’t exist.


Oh, that “something” may not exist yet, but he’ll make sure it does and he’ll also finance another vaccine to “cure” it.


Having had countless psychopaths in my office over the years, I noticed how many “come at you from the side” For my own amusement, I started moving my swivel chair so I was facing them directly, telling them that it was “an experiment” Since mine was the only chair with wheels, some would keep craning their necks and a few would actually try to slide the chair so they could continue to come at me from the side. The thing he loosened up about was the new generation of modular nuclear reactors, which are a huge breakthrough, small as a house and using much less radioactive fuel. They are being tested on military bases and are a good thing.


What a fussy old lady he is! Was expecting him to clutch at his figurative pearls at any moment. 🙄

Something about him literally reminds me of a lizard. He’s definitely a sleazy guy. Think he gets regular massages for the crick in his neck, lol?

Of course, Trump should be allowed back on Twitter (freedom of speech and all). However, if Dorsey wants to argue private company, etc., then those Christian bakers who refused to make a cake for the gay couple should be exonerated. Quid pro quo, you know.


Yep. Definitely sleazy. I’d comment further, but suddenly I feel the need to shower multiple times.


I’ve been watching your videos since May 2018 but just subscribed today as I really felt the need to comment. smile

When Bill Gates says he can’t predict Bitcoin, it sounds like he’s saying he can’t manipulate Bitcoin. That would explain why he’s neither invested NOR shorted it.
And that is exactly what I needed to hear to finally jump in. smile


You are awesome! You made me smile ! God Bless You!


Thank you NellieJ!

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