Body Language – Robinhood, Citadel, Melvin Capital & Roaring Kitty in Congress


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Eileen Guthrie

Oh my goodness, what a load of hooey. Maxine you can’t set up a narrative when it’s already been reported that Biden ordered them to stop selling GameStop to save his billionaire hedge fund friends, who were hemorrhaging money left and right. Citadel had to bailout Melvin Capital for hemorrhaging $3 billion in just one day. There is also a Biden connection as Jen Psaki’s brother Jeff Psaki works for Citadel LLC, who is one of Robinhood’s biggest customers. Maxine loves to spread rumors and innuendo as facts. She is off the rails on this and is hiding this information and the connections to the Biden administration. ALWAYS PROTECT THE CORRUPT.

barbara jewell

he got a wig on?


The third guy – Plotkin had more furrows in his forehead than a bull dog has.

Can we get a congressional hearing on how the Pelosi’s invested a ton of money in Tesla just before The Big Guy Biden orders the govt to buy 645,000 Tesla EV’s.


I always learn something from Mandy in these videos. Yeah, right. No “pressure” on restricting buying the stock? Bollocks.

Rand Talley

The manipulative elite are maintaining control and securing their financial gains.

Last edited 11 months ago by Rand Talley

What witness would not be under extreme stress testifying under oath in front of a committee made up of morons who do not have the brain power to comprehend your business but have the power to regulate and kill it? Watching the hearing was funny for awhile to watch low IQ Tlaib struggle to figure out which witnesses to demonize because she had no idea what they were talking about. Until this short sellers had free reign to prey on struggling companies and destroy them while making a pile of money. The Reddit guys figured out how to see them doing it in real time and counter it, beating them at their own game, costing them millions. Unfortunately the big Wall Street traders contribute massively to politicians. Once their staffers explain that to them, the little guys will get crushed. In addition to being the most corrupt government in history, we also have the dumbest I can remember.


I don’t know, Mandy. All of these witnesses looked stressed out to me. Not having followed this story, I don’t really grasp the entire concept of what they are talking about. For me, the best part was around the 8:30 mark when Bulgaria Vlad seemed to have a Freudian slip and addressed the ranking committee member as “Ranting Member McHenry”. Seemed kind of strange, since it was McHenry who interrupted Mad Maxine to defend Vlad to let him say whatever he wants.

Totally off topic, I read God’s body language yesterday! The usurper pope actually said that “God is the One who contaminates Himself”. (I understand the Italian language.) God responded. You only need to see a couple of seconds of this video:


?t=128 (P.S. I miss the edit button.)


Oh, shoot! I wanted the video to start at about the 2:08 mark. I really do miss that edit button!


I know about “vengeance is mine”, but am I wrong to hope and pray for two well placed Old Testament lightning bolts to these evildoers?


At this point… id just be happy with Karma


Wish I understood the market better, but this was an interesting video to review. McHenry & the other representative, especially Maxine, appear not to fully understand what happened, either, and seem to have been dulled by their years in Congress. Rep. Blaine from Missouri, though, still seems to have an active brain.
As for Robin Hood, Citadel, Melvin, etc., try not to get caught again scamming the rest of us, k? 🙄

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