Body Language – Unauthorized History of the NFL


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f4ct f1nd3r

thanks for the video, as an outsider to the sport I had no idea that the NFL is / was corrupted by rigging outcomes & the body language analysis was kind of funny.


When I was 13, living in Paradise Valley, Arizona, I loved watching football. I especially loved watching the games with rain because the field became muddy with puddles. I would tape a list of the team scores on the refrigerator door each week. My interest for football fizzled. Later in life, in my early thirties, I enjoyed watching football again. My favorite teams were the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. By 2005, I no longer watched football.

With all the stupidity and corruption coming to the surface, I no longer watch football, baseball or Nascar. I rather go for a hike.

Thank you Mandy, for this trip down memory lane from a body language perspective. As long as there are humans on the planet, you’ll never run out of fodder for body language interpretation. Job security! smile


Sigh… I miss the days of Mike Ditka, and reporters/press conferences like these.


Interesting video and analysis. If anyone has seen Michener’s “Centennial”, it was Alex Karas who played the part of “Potatoes” Brumbaugh, the stubborn farmer who recognized corruption in its early stages and became incensed and fought like hell against it. Now I think I know why Karas was so great in that role. It was as if he was drawing from his past experience with sports betting.

I would like to reply to the first 3 comments in my comment, rather than monopolize the board. First to Truth. When I was young, I appreciated athletes and “stars” of entertainment. Slowly things changed in a subtle way, but their salaries exploded. I couldn’t understand why they were being paid such obscene salaries and it turned me off. It’s not like they were contributing anything of importance to make a better world. Now that I’m old, I got it. The objective was to have life imitate “art” (be it sports or entertainment), instead of the other way around. Next to Lorna. Sports, politics, entertainment, or whatever. I have come to realize that these are merely tentacles of the same octopus. It is the octopus that controls what movements each tentacle makes and when. In reply to GOMF, although we come from different cultures, your people from Ireland, mine from southern Italy, we have much in common. Our fathers, grandfathers and/or great grandfathers came to America to save their families from the starvation and abject poverty that corrupt rulers caused them. When they got to the New World, like “Potatoes” Brumbaugh, they immediately recognized the same kind of corruption and did what they had to do. To lift their families from out of the dirt, they had to get down into the dirt. And like Don Corleone, they made no apology for it. They made damn sure we got a good education, so we would never have to know first hand the life they led. Still, there are some who take that kind of path despite the efforts of their forefathers. Sadly, I think maybe every family still has a Fredo or a Hunter in it somewhere. Some things, like stupid, can’t be fixed.


A lot of wisdom there and right on the money with family history with one minor exception. The Irish ancestors dug the Erie Canal and by the time it was time to dig the Illinois and Michigan Canal, the second generation had worked their way up to either be supervisors, cops or bartenders. Since I am 25% Italian, they were the ones who started as coal miners, always made their own wine and brandy anyway and when prohibition times rolled around, took the opportunity with no apologies. Though she hated the nickname, my Italian grandmother was called “Moonshine Maria” because her brothers would have her ride her bike around the tiny town they lived in to look for revenue agents while her brothers ran their still. I was lucky to be old enough to get to know her brothers, Tuffy and Telio before they passed away. Both took the money they made and invested it in real estate and farmland. American Dream. We do have a lot in common, I think.


You had a Nonna! How wonderful!!! In honor or Moonshine Maria:




Cheers, whether your preference is poitin or grappa.


OMG….is it me but I am so sick of seeing grown-ass players cry in sports. If people only knew how most sports are operated, they would run. I still think football and baseball should be banned from this country. Way too much crime with these two sports and who wants to see a bunch of grown-ass men cries who get paid millions of dollars!


That was interesting. I like Mike Ditka as a man, from what I’ve seen. Being unfamiliar with football in general, I learned about him living in Chicago, and we lived by a ‘Ditkas’ Restaurant, which brought the topic lol. Enjoying & learning from this non political series. Thanks Mandy.


I was tickled that you did Coach Ditka A man’s man for sure and very similar to President Trump in personality type. Think a somewhat more emotional Trump plus over servings of alcohol leading to problems occasionally. Never any doubt of what he thinks with a passionate belief system and almost never deceptive. There was a time where if he had called on his fans to storm city hall in Chicago, it would have been over for the mayor. Same flaws too, excessive loyalty and trust leading to trouble. Having come from a family with bookies and casino back room operators on one side and moonshiners and bootleggers on the other, I know a little bit about sports gambling. Most bookie operations have the goal of having equal bets on both sides since they get a consistent 10% vigorish on losing bets. That is why they have networks so they can “lay off” bets if they have too much on one side. The main reason they try to insinuate themselves into relationships with players is more to get inside information, more than actually throwing a game. If they find out somebody is sick or had a death in the family, undisclosed injury etc. they can get a bigger score by not “laying off” or betting themselves if the info is solid. When Ditka was a player they made so little money, they had to sell cars or insurance in the off season, it was much more likely that they would take money to throw a game. Roselle was a snake. He knew the only reason most of the audience was watching games is because hey we’re betting on them, but acted like he was the Pope.


Excellent correlation between Ditka and Trump – similar mentalities and make up. Ditka couldn’t imagine players/coaches/etc. being bought off, until he saw it before his own eyes.

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