Body Language – Keystone XL pipeline & Canceled Jobs, Union Boss


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frank papandrea

They got him, they got something on him, why ever question these labor union leaders, they are all tools

frank papandrea

this guy is so not in charge. He’s a figurehead, a nobody. Has no power.


If you make a deal with the devil, the devil always wins.

Eileen Guthrie

Honestly, how could he not know what Buyden was planning to do? Joe “lyin’” Buyden would sell his soul to the devil or anyone else, if it gave him wealth, influence, and power. Buyden has always been a pathological liar and a sociopath. He would come out before hand and tell these unions what he planned to do if elected, they wouldn’t have voted for him. If you were paying close attention to the words that came out of his mouth over the decades, you should’ve known he was playing them the fool. Did they listen to his political rhetoric on the environment? That was the first freaking clue. Why? Did Buyden tell him he’d look after them? Probably and you foolishly believed him.

This is a man, Joe “lyin’” Buyden is very comfortable with lying to people if it gives him what he wants. And this moron union leader believed in those lies. Number one, the union should vote Trumpka out of office because he’s more interested in electing democrats, than keeping jobs. Trumpka spent the last four years condemning Donald Trump, who ACTUALLY gave them jobs. Look what happened to them now. Trump told them from the very beginning, what Buyden would do, did he not? Buyden, the democrats and the sycophants in the media said that Trump was lying and trying to scare them from voting for Buyden. Look who was right all along.

If you’re looking for sympathy or for me to feel sorry for you, you’d better think again. I did my homework, maybe you should’ve done yours. You got exactly what you deserved. You believed in the propaganda. Shame on you. The information was there, you just chose to ignore it. Maybe next time you’ll think before they vote and do a little background check on a candidate before you vote. The signs were there they just chose to ignore them. I have no idea why people would vote against their own self-interest. Rewind back to the days of jobs created and jobs saved. Buyden is not making these decisions, the deep state is and Buyden is just their wooden marionette (someone else is manipulating his strings).

Hollywood is turning on Buyden now over his promise of $2,000 check. Did they really believe that Buyden would send out those checks, when there is a bill on Nancy’s desk to increase taxes on the middle class by up to 40% and the bill lowers the taxes on the wealthiest by up to 45%? Do your homework people. Buyden and the democrats are giving money with one hand and taking it back with their other hand. Sometimes the truth hurts,


Well, I’m betting Mandy will have a lot of inventory for the next four years now that we are at the apex of the Swam People. How anyone can remotely think Biden/Harris is good for this country has got to be mentally challenged. God help us. We have a long four years to go. As far as I’m concerned, all these people who support Biden are traitors to this country. This guy too!

Rand Talley

Richard Trumpka, Pres of the AFL/CIO has for many years consistently compromised the well being of his members in order to support the Dem Party. He has been very slow to appreciate that the Dem Party has not cared about the general welfare of his members for a very long time.
Foolishly he did not shift his support to Pres Trump who was being extremely supportive of American workers in all industries.

Here the AFL/CIO president is in his expensive suit and new dress shoes, understating how many jobs were instantly lost by Biden’s EO’s on day one of his administration. Those EO’s were vetted months ahead of time as A.G. Barr fast tracked those Biden EO’s while stalling on Pres. Trump’s EO’s, unbeknown to the Trump administration. While Biden – Harris were making promises to union leaders and others like them, Biden – Harris were planning to do just the opposite.

Amazingly Trumpka still clings to his support of the Biden-Harris administration.


As soon as I saw Trumpka squirming and self-soothing like he had fire ants in his pants, I thought ” Mandy is going to do this one”. At least he wasn’t as moronic as Kamala Harris saying that the laid off miners and energy workers can get jobs digging up land mines. Any union workers that follow this guy’s politics need to have their heads examined, since Brainless Biden’s handlers will get him to sign orders that destroy their jobs for no good reason and create an economic system that drives the jobs that are left overseas. The oil is still going to be transported by truck or rail (more dangerous, more expense, more pollution) If you want to have some fun, ask a leftist green zombie “Ahh nice electric car… what is generating the electricity you are charging it with?”


Thanks for doing this interview, Mandy. It was almost as painful to watch as Prince Andrew’s train wreck of an interview, lol.

Appreciated the reporter’s follow-up questions.


I agree Beth, painful indeed. I don’t think I’ve ever watched anyone pacify or brace themself by holding the bottom of their shoe! I think he wanted to astral project right out of his body… (Beam me up Scotty). Thanks Mandy.

Susan McCall

Just sent this to a loved one who ‘feel’s’ so passionate about this whole keystone thang… he never responds back to me but that doesn’t mean I should give up. My conflicted leftist 60 year old sister was not even aware of warren buffet’s involvement with the pipeline nor how that guy made his money! Many people in Nebraska are still enamored with warren, and still think he is a very humble man cuz ‘he still has his original home’ in Omaha’. Yes, warren, tell us what really happened between exprezo in 2010 when the decisions were made as to your transporting oil on your trains.

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