Body Language – Bill Gates, and ‘Theories’


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Bob Johnson

A serial killer who is so proud of himself he wants to get caught to get recognition.


One of the items on Bill’s “suggested reading” list is a book called “How to Lie Using Statistics.” That fact alone says a lot about his character.
I bet he sits hunched over this book, furiously rubbing his hands together whilst giggling maniacally.


This guy is a shriveled worm and a narcissist. What the hell does he have to do with Faucci and Covid. The Swamp people confuse me.


I, Mr Burns, and dr fauci …..


One of his comments that jumps out at me is at 20 seconds into the video, where he says, “….the presence of social media plus a pandemic is a combination that’s NEVER BEEN TRIED BEFORE….” in combination with the folding of the arms in front of himself and the stupid grin.

Really seems to imply strategizing and pre-planning this whole thing.


This particular video is like a starter body language learning video lol. He’s so obviously devious.
Thank you for the laughs. I can hear you smiling when you talk. You remind me of the Kitty GME guy that is so joyful.


I’ve been looking for dozens of years to find out if psychopaths and narcissists actually feel uncomfortable with themselves. I know that they always do because everyone says so. I’ve just not been in a position to see telling signs of it in people before… until this video! He squirms and wriggles a lot like he’s trying to get away. Sometimes he is tucking himself into a dark corner and for me it looks like he wants to find out where the little creak of light is, the little light that can show the world the image he wants us buy into and to love and trust. I am so grateful for you Mandy! You explain what the body is saying. Thank you Mandy , Blessings peace agape love and sound mind in Jesus Christ name to you.


hes just soooo…… yuck!

Rand Talley

What we have here is one of the most prominent of the manipulative elites, an extremely wealthy technocrat who mentions another powerful and wealthy technocrat. They are working together and with international organizations to pull off globalist, vaccination schemes which could generate significant revenue and be used to control large populations.

“Now that Christian moral values are neglected, the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer argues (in his book and video series “How Should We Then Live?”), manipulative elites – such as intellectuals, technocrats, politicians, and scientists – will lead with arbitrary and absolute authority.”

His book and video series start with the Roman Empire, cover eight other eras, and conclude with his forecast from the 1970’s. IMO this is a valuable read or view.

Now over one-half century old, Dr. Schaeffer’s forecast appears to be coming true.

Dr. Francis Schaeffer is described as having been a Christian philosopher, theologian, and evangelical minister.


Mandy, this guy is a devil. Everything about him is untrueworthy.

Susan, you are not alone. Just stick with God. He is the majority.


Grrr… I pray against the evil in Gates, Fauci, Biden, et al, and pray for America. May God protect us all. 🙏


He seems more sinister and evil every time we see him, but it looks like more people waking up to the truth is at least making him uncomfortable for a change. His arrogance, however, is undiminished, in that he sees himself and Fauci as most influential. He is a computer programmer who got rich partially by stabbing his partners in the back and should not be listened to about any health issue. Fauci is a bureaucrat who funded the research that led to Sars 2, not a doctor, and has a history of stealing research and blocking life saving drugs so he can make money off patents.


Squirmy snake if you ask me.

Susan McCall

I appreciate all you do and have done for us Mandy….After last night’s episode/fit on newsmax (regarding Mike Lindell) , I am about done with all news sites – including conservative news sites. Television is like watching ‘Under the Dome’ reruns. I have been preaching for eleven years about the evils of b. gates-of-hell, and not too many people have listened to me. (same with exprezo o, dr. farce, etc).

I have looked up to you Mandy for your guidance through the lies – I just need something to happen to these liars. I am told to be patient, to pray more….but it’s the betrayal one feels when your mentor betrays you (dennis prager) and eddy stone (prez of Touchstone Essentials – my health guru giving in to the BLM movement)..I have been banned from farcebook in trying to help people avoid covid and to inform them of faulty pcr test results. I can barely listen to Rush anymore due to the gloom and doom – so I have found The Marshall Report, and TRUMP INTEL, and listen to Dr. Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes. (Although I wonder where Simon has been for 4 days now).

The way I see it, we are dealing with 5 levels of God only knows what:
1. Voter fraud and what that will do to our Country.
2. Covid krap and the lies behind that which lead up to the fraud and global reset krap.
3. Sex trafficking/hollywood pedophilia/tunnels to smuggle children/drinking their blood & eugenics.
4. The hatred of Trump in uncovering the above evils.
5. Tired of being called a ‘conspiracy theorist’/science denier.

I’m not lonely, but my family is divided, and I have lost respect for many acquaintances/’friends’. I am no longer able to look at or hear these people on the left – it’s affecting my health I think and my marriage because husband flips flops on being a liberal/patriot. We are no longer able to have an intellectual conversation. Now then….if any intelligent patriots would like to chit chat on this site, that would be great so we shall see – would that be okay Mandy?


I think alot of us have been through similar experiences. It can be really discouraging and frustrating. As somebody who spent a career attempting to influence people with ‘bad programming” or who were just plain crazy, I learned that the harder you try, the harder they fight to preserve the status quo. Over time I learned that making predictions and asking alot of “why” questions was way more effective than trying direct education or information. After a number of your predictions come true sometimes people come around. Not that it stopped my wifes’ best friends’ husband from exploding in my living room, and giving himself a 45 minute time out in my guest bathroom when I answered his wife’s statement (I bet you regret voting for Trump now.) That was in 2017 and we have not seen them since. My wife talks to her on the phone sometimes but she does it without her husband knowing. It is amazing to me how absolutely brainwashed and Psyopped many people are. When you realize how ingrained it is it explains how resistant they become to different ideas. We are dealing with people who are almost in a hypnotic state.


well said, and yes “why” is the most effective. i would hope they would learn before pain gets ‘us’, but theses zombies tend to be last to the slaughter. i believe its the reason we are ‘awake’ first.


im with you, its the biggest reason im not doing politics anymore. sick of watching the same show with different characters. i love intellectual conversations.

Susan McCall

And I’m not saying that the left is all dumb – but they can’t expand their brains or ‘look on the other side of a coin’….plus they are not calm people and they are unable to find humor (for example: whatever j. bidung does). I loathe mundane conversations about weather, kids, and especially dogs/cat/pets – don’t get me wrong, I love dogs but do they need to take over the world? I was at the dentist today and everyone askin: How are you? I just said: “you don’t want to know” and by the time I got to the 4th person helping me, I said: “I am just trying to get through another day of stress”….(for cryin’ in your wine, I’m about to undergo extreme trauma to my damn mouth).

I found a channel of comedy 24/7…but some of it goes back to 2006 WHICH IS FINE but they are sooo careful..(absolutely no political humor)..some of it is from 2018…..anyway, I give a show 3 strikes and last night they got the 3rd strike – commercial about social distancing. For the Love of God, give it up.

If anyone is ready to give up on American television for awhile, (and need some ideas) I have watched some great UK/Australian shows…some without cell phones and many without stupid masks! Ha….when I see an American show, and they are driving, I’m like: wait a minute…they are on the wrong side in the car!


Yes, we all have control over that. Every time I take action in those areas, I feel better. It also helps to network with people who are doing the same thing. Need to change the oil in my generator and run it for awhile tomorrow.

Susan McCall

Husband is just a handful is all – he is bi-polar, loves to hover around me in the kitchen, and this covid krap allows him to work from home more. This in itself is a burden beings as he ’emerges’/lurks/tries to scare me at times! I cook 90% of the time, and he used to go hunting …2 years ago he got an elk but ….but…..I don’t always enjoy that. He has a room downstairs with lot’s of stuff – cans, bottled water, etc – but he will have bigger issues if they remove our 2nd amendment. Our drinking together has really suffered so I just drink wine while making supper….(personality change about 2 hours after drinking). We’ve been married for almost 36 years if that tells you anything….but I would like a ‘mental health’ expert to make a couple of surprise house calls – especially around 9 p.m! Where are all these ‘mental health experts’ anyway?


I can recommend as a conservative site that has been consistent for years. I glean a lot of news by reading the comments too. Lots of intelligent posters. (In the last 6 months or so the site has gained a lot of attention and with that comes trolls and trouble makers so scroll past those).

Susan, Question for you: “…the betrayal one feels when your mentor betrays you (dennis prager)…”
Seems like most have taken a knee so to speak. I didn’t know about DP, what did DP do/say?
I don’t want to give him my time and brain space if he doesn’t deserve it.

Susan McCall

Glad you asked Mac…..

VP Mike Pence betrayed President Trump and the nation when he refused to look at credible and serious election fraud allegations in the battleground states. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy both came out this past week and blamed President Trump for the riots at the US Capitol.

dennis prager lost me on this one:

Episode 168, at 38:35 minutes in:

Gal from CA asks:
“What are your thoughts on mike pence being a traitor? I am confused as to what was expected of him as it is my understanding that his only Constitutional role was to preside over the session. He did not have the ability to do anything else”.

dennis: “That is exactly right. If there has been a more loyal vice prez for 4 years as m was to Donald Trump, I am unaware of that person…….This is a fanatical view…Look we have fanatics on our side too! Sorry, I am not happy about it….LIFE IS MESSY”…

Susan McCall

If you ever watch anything in your life again, check out today…….the answers behind Q and what it all means……my head is spinning yet there is a calmness when one knows the truth.

Susan McCall

My comment on the marshall report: EXCELLENT – It’s just that I am going to have to watch this 20 times so I hear every bit! A great big hug and special Thank You’s to: Diane Marshall, Dr. Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Dr. Mercola, Ann Vandersteel & Dr. Simone Gold – who all had the courage and strength to keep us going and helping us to not doubt ourselves. A special Shout Out to God as he helped pick us up every time we stumbled in the face of oppression and hatred (even from family members) as we tried to explain the truths. This is going to sound weird but I also want to thank obama for helping me to wake up – he was the reason I started the search for truth. I often use the expression: ‘Some one has thumped me on the head….’ for various things – and o was the beginning of the thumping on the head.


Simon just went kind of goofy. He joined some other guy and he started talking about meeting an alien who told him he was special. Weird stuff.


It’s encouraging to see he’s on the defensive.

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