Body Language – Psaki Hot Mic Egypt Statement


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Bob Johnson

I ‘Jennifer Rene Psaki’ do solemnly swear that I will protect my criminal masters at any cost.


Little Red Lying Hood

Shifra Baila

I would love to hear your input about Psaki conference report on youtube: NO SURRENDER! Psaki BLINDSIDED When Reporter REFUSES to Let Biden Off the Hook. In fact I left a comment on this one. She had more “ums” and “politic speak” and what amounts to what I think is pure double talk and no substance. How I miss Trump era reports!!


LMAOF…the guy in the audience will not let her get away with her juvenile games. I love him!


Baghdad Bob was better.

Candace Ave-Lallemant

I want to thank you for the knowledge this site shares. But the flag button is broke.. 😉.. I accidentally hit it on two comments, while scrolling, and I couldn’t undo it… 😲. Love this web page. ☺️

Eileen Guthrie

WOW!! They aren’t wearing their mask, and didn’t moron Biden write an EO that a mask must be worn at all times on federal property? Isn’t the White House federal property? Only more bullshit from the liberal elite. She has to be one of the worst Press Secretaries in my lifetime. Her pattern response to their questions “we’ll circle back” but as far as I can tell, she still hasn’t responded to any of those question from an administration that claimed to be the most ethical and transparent in US history. Not so much, hah? If Sarah or Kayleigh had done the same thing the press would be screaming murder and hearing them say what are you trying to hide from the American people. Different rules from two very different President’s. One was transparent (Trump) and the other is about hiding facts and their true agenda, basically the third Obama administration. Because Biden clearly isn’t in charge of anything. Did Obama say Biden was a f**k up? According to Politico, Obama told another Democrat during the 2020 primary campaign: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.” That tells me the press will back off from this administration. They won’t press as hard as they would a Republican President. That just shows you how dishonest the media has become that they won’t press as hard for the answers from Joe Biden or members of his administration.


A few better questions for Psak of ….1. Why did the President torpedo the pipeline when transporting the same oil by rail or truck is riskier and will polite the environment more?
2. Why would the President take actions that will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs during a pandemic with elevated unemployment? 3. Why did the President cancel an executive order that reduced the price of insulin and epipens by 60%? 4. Why did the President ban fracking on federal land when natural gas has resulted in cleaner air than before records have been kept? 5. Why would the President take actions that give up energy independence and make us dependent on foreign sources? Naw, we won’t hear those questions from the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

Eileen Guthrie

On the drug EO, Biden’s just repaying them back for all of the support they have shown Biden over the decades in Congress. You have to understand how politics and politicians works in this Country. My uncle was in politics and a businessman and left politics when it became so toxic. When you run for office, the people who have supported you over the years expect something in return for their support and monetary donations to their campaigns. Biden being in Office for 55 years means he owes a lot of favors to a lot of people, companies, corporation and industries. They want to see a return on their “investment.” One of those industries was BIG PHARMA. Biden has received almost a billion over his political career from Big Pharma, more than any other politician that I researched in both parties. He’s repaying big Pharma back right now and looking out for their bottom line and profits. Screw the people over who need these medications such as insulin for people with juvenile diabetes. F**K the people.


Loved that last question about the man the people elected as President is in prison while someone the people obviously didn’t want was somehow selected in his place. She sure shut down that press conference abruptly. Makes me wonder if incompetent people are being chosen by this administration to take the focus away from the Selected president’s dementia.

frank papandrea

Amateur night in Dixie, she’s out of her league. How did she have a prepped answer for the Q? Did she know the Q was coming? Was the guy who Q’ed her know to ask it? And then the second questionnaire, obviously from an Arab country and had knowledge of the situation was brushed off. So the Biden admin, will brush off answers to Q’s they don’t have A’s for? “Come on man”

Carla Venezia

The man she was speaking to at the very end is Matt Lee, AP’s WH State Dept/Diplomacy writer. Lee asks decent questions but the two of them do go way back together from the Obama era. He calls her out but after it’s over, all buddies.


I love it. Is there something wrong with me?


She is easily thrown under the bus, a temporary fix while they find a competent replacement. Which may take time, due to their genuine lack of proficiency.

frank papandrea

this is the no balls admin.

Eileen Guthrie

So, hedge fund “elites” moved to drive GameStop’s stock (GME) down, profiting as they continued to short sell before Redditors took notice and mounted a pushback. They purchased as many GME shares as possible to drive up the price, knowing that these hedge funds still had unaccounted shares to buy back. It meant that these hedge funds would be left paying huge sums for GME shares and hemorrhage cash without a choice.

This is exactly what happened. According to data from S3 Partners, short sellers have so far lost more than $5 billion on GME, including huge losses of $917 million on Monday and $1.6 billion on Friday. Melvin Capital, the hedge fund had to take on a $3 billion bailout from two other hedge funds, Citadel and Point72.

Redditors has taken on “Occupy Wall Street” and made it into “Infiltrate Wall Street,” but it’s not merely a joke. What happened with GME was very clever on the part of these Redditors since they identified an extremely risky investment by these hedge funds and capitalized to essentially transfer billions from these large firms to themselves, ordinary day traders. In essence, they played the market perfectly – fair and square (unless proven otherwise).

Elite investors are definitely afraid when looking at the situation with GameStop as Redditors look to new targets, like AMC (which is owned by CHINA. In May 2012, and during the Obama/Biden legacy, allowed China to buy AMC Theatres that was acquired by Chinese conglomerate Wanda Group, headquartered in Dalian, who paid $2.6 billion to acquire AMC’s 5,048 screens in 347 theaters in the U.S. and Canada. … The acquisition made Wanda the world’s largest cinema chain. And the Obama/Biden/Harris administration allowed China to buy another 36 American companies and another 9 that they hold a large stake in). What may also worry them more is the fact that they will probably have no legal recourse against these Redditors.

Hedge fund managers have already taken to the airwaves to call on a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation, and the Biden administration is “monitoring the situation.” The GME rally even drew calls for investigation from Michael Burry, the famed investor who helped launch a retail-investor frenzy in 2019 by investing in none other than GameStop. All of them seem to think that the situation was anti-competitive stock manipulation, which would be extremely difficult to prove since, among other things, Melvin knew what Redditors were doing and stayed firm on their short position. The Pelosi’s own a million shares in stock with Amazon and another half a million shares in Walmart since COVID. So, Pelosi is VERY MOTIVATED to allow COVID to spread because money and wealth are a great motivator.

It’s funny. No one in the elites objected to Anthony Fauci who sold his knowledge on the COVID, over 7 weeks and made $10 million by betting these stocks would rise as COVID spread. The question then becomes did he force it to spread for financial reasons? Fauci’s just one of them, one of the privileged elites so there’s nothing to see here folks, move along.

It’s hardly a political issue in the sense of left versus right, but rather ordinary people on the internet versus hedge funds. In my view, however, the real worrisome part here is that these Redditors are juicing certain stocks based on nothing – certainly not valuation – and only out of pure spite against large investment firms.

What GameStop has done is amazing. While that might be a noble thing to do it exposes the utter absurdity of the stock market, the problem the US financial market has with valuations and why I believe there will be an epic financial disaster coming from the Biden/Obama/Harris administration and I not alone in predicting that. The GameStop debacle shows exactly how foundationless the financial market really is at a time when Wall Street’s performance looks deceitfully rosy. Of course, the media is trying to blame Donald Trump for what??? For playing a long game against a short gamer and beating them at their own game. And just how did Trump do that? They have cut off all the communications channels so Trump can’t directly talk to us. So, please explain how Trump did that? Through osmosis or telepathically? A third impeachment trial for a man who is no longer in Office? We played their game and by their rules and WON and THEY LOST. That’s what it boils down too and it’s why the elite have lost their collective minds. NEVER BET AGAINST THE INGENUITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Knowing who your enemy is and using that knowledge to trap them is the au jus lesson of the week. Well played my friends… well played!! The good guys are finally winning and never bet against the American people. The entire game is rigged but we now have proof of it.

Candace Ave-Lallemant

Thank you! Your comments are enlightening..

Eileen Guthrie

Well, I tried because I don’t think most people understand what just happened. THIS WAS HUGE for the little people, the unwashed masses that the elite hate and truly despise us. The stock market has ALWAYS been rigged against us. Someone decided to play by the elites’ rules and won and the elite are beside themselves right now. Did you know that the new Press Secretary Jen Psaki brother Jeff works for the Hedge Fund Citadel, one of the Hedge Funds that helped bailout Melvin Capital who lost $5 BILLION last Monday? That’s exactly why they made Robinhood and the other brokerage firms stop the trades for GameStop because the Hedge Funds were hemorrhaging money left and right and the Biden administration was protecting the Hedge Fund managers. I worked in finance for 20 years and don’t play the stock market because I see it’s gambling and throwing away my hard earn money. It’s too uncertain and volatile for me to play the market. GameStop only confirmed that for me. I’m really happy for those who made money on this trading. It was very risky thing to do and I’m glad the outcome went their way.


In just two weeks Jen Psaki has set the Guinness World record on saying “we’ll have to circle back to you on that one”. Already enough for an entertaining montage. After seeing Kayleigh in action for over a year at a tip top level of organization in spite of naked hostility on a daily basis with an answer for almost any question, obviously talking with President Trump on a daily basis, it is apparent that Psaki is not getting anything from Biden, since he is a brainless puppet. Second rate staffers are giving her lousy or no talking points. This illegitimate administration would be an embarrassment if it was not so dangerous.


Circle the wagons against the infidels


It’s probably the same hand that’s up Biden’s and Harris’ rears. #Soros #China


Love the comment ‘hands up her (*) … she has no clue how to handle these PROFESSIONALS.

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