Body Language – Michael Saylor Bitcoin, Ethereum and Gold


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I have always had a hard time with numbers. Learning the clock, left and right, math is something I have to work at. I can’t do math in my head because the numbers on the chalkboard in my head won’t stay still. I have yet to understand the gamestock deal. I’ve listened to several people talk about that and I’m????? Now I’m trying to understand this stuff. Sigh!


Timely! Well done also. As a Johnny-come-lately, I am very interested. Fiero? Monero?


i honestly dont like giving advise on anything as to what to buy, all i can tell you is what we buy. Please understand everyone, you dont have to buy a WHOLE coin. We buy BTC, ETH, FIRO, MONERO, UNI, BAT, LBC, AND we dont buy anything we dont believe in. So obviously we are not traders.


Thank you Mandy. This subject of cryptocurrency can make my head spin. Cheers!


Oof… I dread the coming collapse. 😔


I think dollars will still matter as long as you have to pay taxes in US dollars.
Also, I hope crypto currencies (or other alternative forms of currencies) don’t get regulated to death.
It would really hurt crypto if the gov put a ton of legal hurtles that made it a massive pain to use crypto.
If it becomes a huge inconvenience to buy and trade crypto less people would use it.


If Bitcoin becomes the petrodollar, then Bitcoin is going to be worth more than you’ll ever care to know.

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