Body Language – Federal And Remington President Jason Vanderbrink On Ammo Shortage


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Mickey Dacosta

Thanks for the video Info Mandy!!!

Cant say it’s the same here in Toronto,
Seems to be enough ammo so far,though I do remember at the start of covert 19
Ammo did go scarce,every thing sold out every where Yikes…
Even at the range it is very sad to see
Less & lesser people attending,
cant use the AR any more as well,crap lol…by the way
Hornady spoke person also made similar video,
If we choose not to see the future,
the future will choose us I guess,
That’s why I tell every one I know & meet to watch your videos,every one from work to DZ to Range even liberal’s & conservatives lol, some I spoke with are now starting to see both sides of the story now as apposed to tunnel vision,
Some however are still in need of a slight push lol, that’s when I offer them free membership to your page for a month,
I tease them all with some of the tutorials,
They all start to listen now,lol

I love your work,
Though U do scare me lol lol lol
I guess that means guilty as charged lol
Love ya voice,giggling lol

Keep up the excellent work,
U earned it !!!!!!!

PS – may I be so bold as to say,

On behalf of all Canadians, with the exception of 1 or 2,

We Salute U…lol

Mickey D-445…


Thanks Mandy, hubby and I were just talking about the ammo situation today. Went to a gun show, and yes I bought some expensive ammo. This explains the situation.


Saw this interview some time back. Kinda believe him but still can’t buy ammo. Feels like there’s more to this story.

Eileen Guthrie

The bigger question is, what are they planning to do to us that would make us want to use are guns and weapons against them. It’s the only thing that scares them. An angry, pissed off Americans with weapons. Look, these geniuses thought it was a great idea to give military grade weapons to the Mexican cartels and military weapons to al Qaeda (that’s what Benghazi was all about and why Obama sent those troops to Italy and refused to send in help, because it was a secret operation). The less people who knew about it, the easier the coverup will be. Which one of these freaking imbeciles thought that was a great plan? Those guns were used in the murders of Mexicans and Americans. Another thing is, the weapons Biden wants to take away are AR-14, AR-15 and AK-47’S. I’m just wondering why the democrats were silent, when members of CHAZ/CHOP were walking around their 6 blocks in Seattle with AR-14, AR-15, AK-47’s plus handguns. Why wasn’t Biden upset or crying about THEIR weapons? Why aren’t the democrats demanding that gang members, some of the most dangerous gangs, there 13 in ALL of the most dangerous gangs in the US. Why aren’t the democrats demanding they turn in their weapons, who use them almost every day? If it’s for their “cause” they are fine with that. It’s just the law-abiding Americans they want to take them from.


Not a gun owner, but I did find this subject interesting. The number of guns and rounds of ammo sold since March of last year is huge! People are scared and they are pissed. That milquetoast (I can’t remember his name right now) that biden chose to take the guns away from law abiding citizens is in way over his head. I find the fact that Vanderbrink (and others) cannot keep up with the huge demand for ammo, alarming. Yet, at the same time it also gives me some hope that our Republic can be saved again. I didn’t see the “believe me look” from this guy, so I really do believe what he said. The fact that he felt he even had to make this video is like an omen of things to come. Those in positions of power who would take away any of our freedoms should tread very carefully.


As a gun owner and recent purchaser of more guns and ammo, I can tell everyone here that the availability of most guns and ammunition is the lowest I have ever seen. Right now, there are almost no semi-automatic rifles, very few handguns other than cowboy pistols, and a limited selection of shotguns available. Ammunition is scarce and sold out almost immediately. The firearm I purchased came directly off the delivery truck to the counter and within the 20 minutes of paperwork it took, all 10 that arrived at the store had been sold. After a summer of violence uncontained by police and politicians, and a stolen election in favor of the globalists that want to destroy the Constitution, Americans are getting ready to defend themselves.


I’ve used to find ammo – sorts it by price per round.


Thanks, Beth-I will try that.



Eileen Guthrie

Are you talking about the fake Hispanic “Beto” O’Rourke, like the fake Sacagawea?


Yes, that guy. “All hat and no cattle”. Did you mean the fake Pocahantas? The one who showed us she can drink beer out of the bottle? Appreciating another’s culture is quite different from pretending to be of that culture for political or monetary or any other kind of selfish gain.


Major buffering on web site, less on you tube.


Same here. Web viewing has been difficult for me. Have only just been able to get this to play.

BUT I’ve had trouble with buffering and lag for several days overall and not just here.

I’m in Australia


I haven’t had that issue. This site has actually gotten much better since she first got it running. But tbh, even if it took longer, it would still be worth the extra time and money on here vs. Douchetube. She used to have the full vids on there with a crap load of subscribers- till someone with some say-so apparently didn’t appreciate finding out that their body can’t hide the truth as well as the pretty lies coming from their mouth. Douchetube/ Google deciding its acceptable to control what people are allowed to see and think and to be so arrogant and power-deluded to believe that they have the right, responsibility, ability, and *authority* to determine *right-think* and hide or remove *wrong-think* makes any engagement and time and money spent elsewhere worth it to me. Mandy actually is lucky to even be able to have this, since now other tech overlords have decided to expand the depth of de-personing.

It really pisses me off that we have gotten to this point. This kind of thoughtful, interesting, genuine content being deleted wholesale while allowing and funding some of the crap – literal lies, violent and discriminatory rhetoric fueling civil dysfunction, inappropriate sexually and factually wrong info and influence to my kids (which the filters don’t do a damn thing to help protect them from) thats still up and actually promoted! I’ll gladly put my $ and time where I think its served best.

Rant over, sorry about that. Lol


I think you might have misconstrued my comment as a complaint or comparison. It was neither. Sometimes Mandy and Mr. No Name change their process, so I was just letting them know that there was a problem. I have been around since long before the David “Camera” Hogg purge and share your views about big tech completely. Mandy and her husband have worked very hard to stay one step ahead of these fascist scoundrels and we all appreciate it.


Oh no, that rant wasn’t meant to be negative toward you. Lol. Just that I didn’t have the same issue currently. When I first joined I did, but for whatever reason its better on my end now. But all that was just to say I’d still come here to watch her. Its literally the only content I actually donate/pay to support, and only one other id consider doing the same. Your comment just made me think of how wrong they did her and got me

Donate? Every little helps

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