101 – Special Guest Mandy From Bombards Body Language



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Please Mandy, can you tell these guys to get better with their interviews, the guy didn’t even ask you a single question. I wanted to hear more from you, their guest, not them. Borderline rude.


I really appreciated Mandy’s take on what drives Pelosi. Not being focused on any one specific part of her body language, but taking it all into account, it suddenly became clear what a pathetic person Nancy is. Thanks, Mandy.


I listen to lots of stuff through the day…have special “channels.” I DO always listen to Mandy, but this was just going to be an intermission between my regular “shows.” THIS WAS GREAT! I couldn’t pull away!


Another song: “You knew darned well I was a snake before you let me in.”


Great interview! Everyone did a great job of not stepping on each other with so many people. “Massive Juicy Thighs” just sent a mouthful of coffee through my nose. It was alot of fun.


thank you!


Yes, “it” was fun. “It” cracked me up. We all needed a good laugh right now and Mandy doesn’t disappoint.


Just one criticism. Eliminate the word “like” from your vocabulary. It is annoying and it is an incorrect use of the English language! It also distracts from the communication. “Like” means to approve or it means to be similar to. Here are two examples of how to correctly use the word, “like” I like ice cream. This ice cream tastes like toasted pecans.

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