Body Language – Air Force Lieutenant General, Thomas McInerney


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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This link is to an interview i just did… i hope you all enjoy it…


Wow! Great job, Mandy! Love how you understand how God works in our lives, even though we don’t know it until much later. Your insight truly is a gift from God. May Almighty God continue to bless you.


Just a suggestion… Because you gave us so much insight into so many people in that interview, would it be alright if we just kept in general, overall responses to your “comment” and not comment on specific revelations? It really deserves to have a separate posting where we can all comment on specifics. That way it won’t distract from this excellent Gen. McInerney post. It’s no big deal to go back and forth. Just asking.


ill have to get the hubby to set that up


Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing and for your insights! The conversation about Michael Obama cracked me up!

Piri Gal

This was great fun, thank you!


I wish I could read people better….LOVE your videos!

Chuck Miller

Only a few seconds load.


Feel like chatting to others so that you don’t feel so isolated? With lockdowns, isolation, fear porn on the news, and possibly close minded relatives I created a chat group on Telegram.

This is a fan created chat that I started, Mandy knows about it but does not have any affiliation.

Who knows what is going to happen so let’s experience it together!

Bombards Body Language chat

Michelle Harris

Thank you!! Since I am locked out of almost EVERYTHING, the only way that I can share these AWESOME videos is by sending links to my friends via cell phone or a handwritten note! It is “old school” but the people on our church prayer network enjoy sharing these!! Please, keep up the great work! You and your beautiful family are in our prayers.


Can you PLEASE do an evaluation of Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes. A lot of people trust them but says they are disinfo. Thanks.

barbara jewell

so maybe there is still a chance for Pres. Trump.

barbara jewell

thank you, so You might think we still have Hope for Pres. Trump ?


Mandy, his last name is pronounced: MACK – in – ernie (like the man’s name Ernie).


I agree. I watch it yesterday and was impressed by his lucid delivery for one his age. His is a clarion call, code red.


Oh my God. I thank you Mandy with all my heart for this one. So needed and great timing. The beautiful people’s comments also…same.


He’s my new hero.


Respect this Lt almost as much as I respect Gen. Flynn! Thanks for doing this video, Mandy. May God bless America, her leadership, and her citizens this next week & year. 🇺🇸


Even if I’d never considered body language, I’d like and trust this guy. His mind and heart are connected.


General McInerney has been talking about the use of Hammer to illegally spy on people in America for several years. It was originally created by Dennis Montgomery for the CIA to spy on terrorists,, but weaponized by John Brennan and the Obama IC to spy on political rivals in America. Scorecard is an application it can use to interfere with election results, again for the CIA to use overseas. General Jones, Brennan and now apparently Comey copied it illegally to use privately. General M is alleging that Comey sold it to China, who used it to interfere with our election. Montgomery is under a gag order, but knows where the bodies are buried Will the President lift it? Stay tuned. Believe the general. He is as solid as General Flynn.


Thank you so much for all that information GOMF…


Gomf, You amaze me with your detailed scope of knowledge, as with others here, including Mandy. I am humbled so often reading the commentary of understanding. Thank you. It truly is a pleasure to be here with you et al.


Thanks, I think we are all truth seeking Patriots here. Those that seek a little more info on what the General is talking about might want to check out Dr. Dave Janda’s Operation Freedom Channel interviews with him, or to learn how the system is used operationally, check out Millennial Millie’s (Millie Weaver) Shadowgate I and II.

Chicago Diver

So do you think the riot at the capitol was a setup to kneecap Trump before he could release this information?


The ones who instigated breaking in were definitely Antifa/BLM operatives disguised as MAGA supporters. I say this because they arrived at the Capitol before the speech was over. Many also had backpacks, which were not allowed into the Ellipse where the speeches were. At least three people who entered congress have been identified in crowds at BLM protests.Some were also using lasers and bear spray on the cops, a favorite tactic of Antifa. There is also video of Capitol Police letting these same people through the barricades. There were also guys with megaphones egging people on to join in the violence. A favorite Antifa tactic is to high jack a legit protest, instigate violence on cops and manipulate a situation where the legit protestors react to police. Some MAGA people got swept up like the woman killed. I have also seen reports that the guys who got Pelosi’s laptops and hard drives were military intelligence who infiltrated Antifa. Bottom line-things are rarely what they seem.

Rand Talley

The woman shot was apparently caught up in the Q-anon thinking. Some believe Q-anon was a Russian psy-ops program designed to mislead Trump supporters.

Apparent Antifa/BLM were in her immediate presence as she was being shot. They used the event to try to whip up the crowd. At least one was seen immediately changing into different clothing on the steps below and around the corner from the officers in riot gear, a common Antifa tactic.

These are hard hearted people conducting a war.

Levi Reed

I saw several videos over the passed few months of this gentleman.. never once have I seen him not go full tilt on what he believes. I think he falls into that category of “staunch convictions”. I would not want him as an adversary

Susan McCall

What has happened to all the sign language interpreters? Thank you Mandy for doing this.

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