Body Language – DC Protest Fraud


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Susan McCall

Until I ‘hear’ who in the he ll pays them, I can’t take them seriously. If they were getting paid from $oro$, why are they not allowed to say that? B.S.

barbara jewell

I do believe, there were people that were paid to go to D.C.
to create trouble and blame it on people who were there for our peaceful protest. it has been said people have also been paid to riot at were they were told to go….

barbara jewell

because they have paid people before.


The guy in the video is trolling / acting / lying.


This is his follow-up video. You can find the original video on that channel.

barbara jewell

he is messed up in the head,…,yes he got his fame. wow.


This is your brain on drugs.


Great to have y’all back, Mandy! Hope the time with the family was beneficial. ❣

Thanks for doing this guy’s video. Appreciate you and your work!

Will you be reviewing the last two brief videos from POTUS?


All protesters where not who they appeared to be. That event was another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And the adept opportunists wouldn’t pass this up for the world. This would be used as another blow to POTUS and dissenters. Subversives wreak havoc, and msm propaganda would instantly blame Trump, and anyone who questioned the this election. We’ve watched people show us and tell us who they are and what they’re willing to do for the collective. And one thing I know, when someone shows you who they are – believe them.


You are right, Lorna. We decided not to attend the protest due to concern about it being hijacked. I have seen enough video footage and on-site reporters who are trustworthy to know that there were instigators at key points either egging people on or actually breaching the buildings and fighting with the Capitol Police, There were definitely some opportunists trying to create a false narrative. Stirred up Patriots, unfortunately got swept up in the moment and joined in.These are the same tactics employed by Antifa and BLM in Chicago and Kenosha, instigate the violence with police and get legit protesters to react to the police fighting back. The media and crooked politicians are using it for their evil agenda just as I feared. It was a massive show of force though. You can see through their virtue signalling pontification, that they are terrified as they should be, by an awakened public.


Unfortunately, GOMF, I don’t see that they are terrified by an awakened public. I could be wrong, but what I see is them doubling down to make damn sure we are put down permanently. However, I still have faith that we can get through this horror.

Susan McCall

Hey GOMF, the phrase: “Stirred up Patriots, unfortunately got swept up in the moment and joined in” – well, I just can’t agree with that. In all the years of watching Trump rally’s, I never saw any violence or any Trump supporter getting ‘caught up’ with antifa or any violence – but I wasn’t at them, so I guess I have no right to say that. I have two sons that hate Trump, refuse to believe it was antifa, and I am just plain tired of talking about it/defending Trump. The people had the right to be there – The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”President Trump addressed the protesters and called on the assembled to march “over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

At the moment the President was uttering the words “peacefully,” though, a different more sinister group had already gathered at the Capitol, a full 45 minute walk away.

Whatever happened there is not yet fully understood. Given the proclivity of federal law enforcement to act politically against Trump, it unfortunately may never be.


Somebody said that these people will not be able to walk down the street anymore. That time has arrived. Benedict Romney also got a plane full of Patriots yelling “Traitor Mitt! “ all the way from Salt Lake City to DC. All assets have been deployed to separate the President from his supporters. Nothing has worked. Not much ammo left. The weasel RINOs have more to lose than the commies.

Susan McCall

Manno Nonna – I clicked on your link, it said it was suspended, then, I ended up with Gen Flynn’s interview…guess I wasn’t supposed to see it!


Where can I find this man’s video?


he is trolling for 5 minutes of fame


Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful time with the family. (I missed you, though.) There is so much conflicting information out there, but your reading of this guy does help. Too many strange things going on right now to make any sense out of it all. Things are beyond absurd and my brain hurts thinking about them. Any help you can give to clear anything up will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for doing this.

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