Sleep History and the Mind

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Matthew Costello

Won’t load for me


Very interesting. Many unintended consequences brought about by technology, from the electric lights on down. Rarely needing to set an alarm clock these days and living in a house with many windows, I have noticed that the time I wake up fluctuates seasonally with the time of sunrise, and I sleep a lot better. Of course, this might have more to do with retiring from dealing with insane teenagers five days a week. Looking forward to more of your “forgotten knowledge” series!


Hi Mandy, Hope you’re getting {some} first sleep rest lol. This was fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. First time I’ve heard of this. Am going to look it up. Love this new ‘Lost Knowledge’ series and this kind of thing! Sending a cozy pj Boxing Day greeting from Canada ♥


I have tried on three devices and it won’t load. It’s this on my side or your side?

Anyone else having troubles?

mellow mellow

It won’t load for me too


Still won’t load for me. Mandy will email you the link when she sees this comment. And I tried on two browsers… lol

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