Body Language – Sen. Mitch McConnell Congratulates President-elect Joe Biden


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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It’s been a few weeks since you posted this approving interpretation of Mitch McConnell and his views of Donald Trump. What do you think of him now, I wonder?

f4ct f1nd3r

Hi everyone, this is my f1rst comment in here – happy new year ! ~


Merry Christmas Mandy & Rhys! I remain eternally optimistic for the future of humanity. God put us here for a reason. Thank you for all of your body language videos. I continue to learn from them and enjoy the comments from this community.


Merry Christmas!!!


Have a very Merry Christmas and happy and safe New Year. ❤️🥰 🤗


Merry Christmas!


for the record, let me repeat how awesome you are!

Mrs.Jessica V.

Hay Mandy I was wondering if you see what i see on a video. YOUTUBE “breaking news today: THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ! “on us military news. ..look in the corner.. turn off the sound and read.. he doesnt feel right…


May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year




Hoping everyone has a great Christmas. For those who are interested, Dave Hayes (Praying Medic) did an excellent deep dive into The Electoral Count Act of 1887 and how the Congress can object to the Electors certified by states that violated election laws and the Constitution and force the Presidential election into the State Delegations of the House of Representatives and The Vice Presidential election into the same in the Senate. It is on his website under “Videos and Articles”. Do I believe this will happen? Trust nothing where Congress is involved. I have more faith in the Military Intelligence/Foreign Election Interference path since it relies less on known corrupt individuals in Congress and the Courts and the top level of the Pentagon has been cleansed. All we can do is stay in prayer and be ready. Blessings to all.


The people in Congress and in the Courts are showing themselves to be more and more useless every day. If they were to be given a written test on the US Constitution, I wonder how many of them would fail miserably. I think you’re right about “the Military Intelligence/Foreign Election Interference path”. Pres. Trump is up to something with telling us to show up in DC on Jan. 6th: Blessing to you and yours, as well.


The reason is that his wife’s family, or you can call them his Chinese handlers, have asked him to say something that he does not want to say, and that is to say that he recognizes village idiot Biden as the president-elect. But he has to do it because he is compromised as well.


Rereading the anons posts from 2017 and there was one concerning Mitch. Is he just playing his “role” in this “movie” we are all watching? It sure seems that way to me.

Gen. Stewart



In a phone conference he begged his colleagues to fall in line to support Biden.
I’m afraid your interpretation is wishful thinking.


i cant find the tape of that anywhere… only what some one said some one else said.


Thank you ever so much, Mandy! This is a relief as I could not understand why McConnell would endorse Biden or Harris, especially when lawsuits are still active. Merry Christmas to you, Mr. No Name & your entire family! 🧑‍🎄🎁


I saw the first smirk and it made me mad because I thought the joke was on Trump and us Deplorables but I kept listening and now I feel much better!
Merry Christmas Mandy….we will miss you during the time off.


Soon after McConnell cautioned Rep. senators not to be involved in the election dispute. Well, thanks a lot, Mitch. Worthless.


Yea this has me puzzled as well. Guess we’ll find out

Gen. Stewart

You are right; He should have never announced to withdraw help ; These life time politicians are thieves ! Benevolence and public service was never their intention. I pray God strikes them down.


I would like to let you all know, that the 19th through the first of January we will be off and spending time with family. I know that with all that is going on it is a very stressful time. As body language is important in everyday, you have all you need now. BUT in the off chance an analysis is much needed we will post it. Stay faithful, keep praying and remember God didnt bring us this far to forsake us now. This only applies to free content.


Thank you Mandy. To everything there is a season. We will remain faithful, For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, of love, and of a sound mind.

Have a wonderful Christmas together (the wee man’s first) Wishing you all peace & joy this Christmas time!.

Gen. Stewart

Beautiful prayer ,Lorna ; Merry Christmas…

Gen. Stewart

Merry Christmas Mandy Family ! Thank you for helping us; Have a great time and enjoy the get away from the madness. Keep the lord in front


Amen! I believe God’s going to give us a tremendous gift this Christmas. In the meanwhile, here is a little “gift” from me to all of you. Merry Christmas!


mathew curley

I love that song!


wow i had to share that one …with friends and family too…thank you !!


It’s a Christmas gift that’s meant to keep on giving, so thank YOU for sharing it, minddance!


Thank you Nonna smile This was wonderful.

mathew curley

Happy Christmas !


LOVE that you are leaving us with this one…wow…what a special insight this is. Love you Mandy and the people here…stay safe and KNOW …this is a fabulous time to be alive in spite of the appearance of things. The best is yet to come. The reveal has to happen first. Stay focused and in the love that created all. Merry Christmas to all.

Gen. Stewart

In speech class ,we were taught when designing the speech. Remember to ” tell them what you are going to tell them” ” tell them what you have to tell them” “Then tell them what you told them”. Begin the speech by welcoming. Tell them it’s an honor to be there. Point out positive points. Deliver the topic then thank them for their time. BLAH BLAH BLAH. It irritates the bejeezus out of me to have to watch that from every lying sob. When I’m watching senate committees. I wouldn’t give three dead flies for McConnell !


Roaring HA HA HA! I believe this ‘Display’ is the predecessor to what is coming from President’s 2018 calling for a National Emergency of Elections FRAUD. He is congratulating them before they are swept up the USA’s greatest (historical) case of Election fraudulence that is nothing less than TREASON

Susan McCall

Great coverage Mandy – I appreciate Mitch’s calmness at this very ‘cranky’ time.

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