Body Language – Dominion Voting CEO Testimony & The Memory Cards


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You can see the “smile” he’s trying to hide if you watch the bottom of his eye, the cheek muscle comes up. Sorry, don’t know how to describe it.


Sorry I just dont get it- what you meant, if anything at all about this guy.


i told a half truth for an out


MI Attorney Matthew DePerno: Dominion CEO Did Not Tell The Truth About “Sealed and Locked Ballot” Machines In Antrim Co…Photos Taken During Inspection Reveal Missing Seal

Here ya go:

Gen. Stewart

I saw that faint smile when he looked down. The lawyers nostrils flared as he
breathed relief. Dead man walking


As an election judge, I have removed the memory cards from these machines at the end of voting on Election Day. He is stating some facts while obscuring the truth. Yes the machines are locked and there is a seal that has to be broken, documented and inserted into an envelope when the memory card is removed. At the polls, this is observed by judges from both parties as well as poll watchers and the chain of custody is documented until the card is turned over to the County Clerk personnel. These procedures were not followed at the counting centers for mail ballots. There were not bipartisan judges present to observe and county workers processed the ballots. They would have the keys to the machines and whether they were sealed or not they were connected to computers with internet access for the adjudication process and vote number tabulation. My guess is also that the machines had software that fractionalized the vote for Trump and gave it to Biden. These people are traitors.

Gen. Stewart

I’m not opposed to black ops when there is no laws. I believe we have given benefit of doubt when we elect them. Not after they have clearly violated it. Heads need to roll ! He needs a flight on the water board express. Fly them out to neutral waters; Adjust their memory and then bring them back. I’m sick and tired of these word games !


Agreed General, unfortunately we can only rely on Military Intelligence, who generally follow military interrogation techniques, unless we turn them over to the Saudis. The Clowns in America cannot be trusted since they are in on the treason. I’m hoping DNI Ratcliffe shared evidence of direct foreign interference when he flew to the Army Navy game with the President on Saturday. Then this becomes a national security investigation with military intelligence directing law enforcement and taking the corrupt intelligence community out of the drivers seat. Or we could take matters into our own hands……


Military Intelligence? If you mean like the Pentagon, something’s up.
Yesterday, the “Pentagon Imposes Emergency Shutdown of Its Secret Internet Protocol Router Network – Handles Classified Information Up to the Secret Level”


That is exactly what I am talking about, Nonna. We never heard the results of the raid in Frankfort. Solar Winds is tied to Dominion. I think they have evidence of tampering on foreign soil. If so the military can take the lead since this was a foreign attack with domestic accomplices. Why would a lame duck President going out of office change the entire upper level at the Pentagon? Especially putting Ezra Cohen Watnick in the top intel position. Fun times ahead, I hope. Many heads will explode.

Gen. Stewart

C-Span has a video of the signing in of Ezra Cohen Watnick and Chris Miller at Fort Bragg. All the men there seem to be very excited ? Miller comes across as a good leader. Days later ,Henry Kissinger, Madilyn Albright and nine others were fired. Shortly after that ,nine others were relieved ? ALL this falls under National Intelligence Department. Earlier I posted, that I hoped that they would commandeer communications. Maybe that is what is happening under the guise of being hacked ? Something has to happen before we lose our country to these communist.

Gen. Stewart

I saw Chris Miller was with President Trump also. Hopefully they had some earth moving news. I keep hoping they will seize all communications and televise something to the world. If we were to take matters into our own hands ? We would have to be armed and in unequaled mass. I’m not promoting civil war or revolution but a POLICE ACTION. We are a Republic ! We as individuals own this country. The Constitution clearly states that if the laws do not work then we can change them. It would be a monumental undertaking.


Praying for all evidence to be protected or restoreable!


We all saw the broken seals and open locks on the boxes, right? we are talking about the big black boxes that house the processors. Video taken in PA, AZ, WI all showed boxes ‘opened’ then! Now Where are the reports generated by doing an audit??? hum .. .anyone ask that question on MSM, FOX, congressional investigators, state auditors?

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