Body Language – Boris Johnson, Brexit Trade Deal


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The guy is weak with a capital W. Timing is everything. He followed President Trump and many thought he would have a similar determination to do things that the deep state said could not or would not be allowed to be done.. But no, the resetters and globalist bankers got to him. Leaders have to seize the moment and charge forward when they have the chance. Boris is not a leader.

Eileen Guthrie

Boris Johnson ran on a platform of leaving the European Union, that’s why the people in the UK voted for him. Now he’s just betrayed those same people by negotiating with the EU. Just another sleazy politician who’s ignoring the will of the People.


“Just another sleazy politician who’s ignoring the will of the People.” Mitch McConnell comes to mind. monkey see monkey hear


Thanks Mandy, I too had high hopes for Boris. Appears it was all false bravado. No surprise actors & politicians have so much in common – so skilled in their craft of portrayal and trickery. Another massive disappointment. What a disaster.

Unsure how many more chances before Christmas, so wishing a very Merry Christmas to you all in the Bombards Family, and a Happy Healthy New Year :: Hogmanay! ♥


Used so many words, yet said so little. 🙄🤔


Is BoJo considered the British equivalent of a RINO now? He did one hellava 180 degree turn. Maybe the WuHoo Flu affected his brain? Or it could be Nigel Farage was right about BoJo all along.

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