Body Language – Alex Jones meets General Michael Flynn


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How did you miss Patrick Byrne (founder of Overstock). He is the blonde in dark blue shirt in the background behind Flynn (even shows in feature pic of video).
He has been instrumental in past few days/weeks – and is exposing HUGE Truth Bombs of what is going on! He was with Trump and Sydney Powell in WH few days ago.
Here is an interview he did – but you can find more.
(Video embedded in Tweet)

Sherie Jordan-Ubbink

There is a lot going on. Jones is Controlled Opposition & worse.
General Flynn Is An American Hero who Don’t like Traitors.
Y’all Know General is WWG!WGA as well as Sidney Powell as well as Lin Wood. (Look @ their bios)
What did Jones try to do to Q.General Flynn just like POTUS is a gentleman but not a hypocrite.


Yup, there’s something going on between Jones and Flynn that we’re not privy to. Although Flynn seems to be a good man, he didn’t reach “Generalship” without agreeing to the globalist agenda to some degree at least.

Eileen Guthrie

Alex Jones is kind of weird and paranoid. NEVER LIKE HIM.


Crashing in on a loud speaker and, then charging at General Flynn and presumably interrupting their conversation. Bull in a china shop is an understatement. His blurting words to Flynn were disjointed & awkward. I thought he said, “Scared?? (starts heavily patting Flynn). We’re gonna win.” It sure felt patronizing or condescending to me. Like he was making some sort of open yet concealed confrontation with Flynn. Don’t know if that makes sense. But Jones was trying to make a point I felt. And it was personal.

Michael GX

I agree that Alex Jones was trying to convey something with this forced, awkward interaction, overtly and clumsily suggesting and anchoring the state of “Scared” in General Flynn, and it seems like Jones was himself frightened, probably because he had a hidden agenda to influence Gen. Flynn and also by the serious private security around Gen. Flynn.

You are right that we don’t have the context of what has gone on before between them, and we are also not seeing whether this was before or after Gen. Flynn spoke on stage. My guess is that this could be before Gen. Flynn spoke, and Alex Jones saw an opportunity to mess with Gen. Flynn before he got on stage. If it’s the opposite and after Gen. Flynn spoke, then Jones had a much more personal agenda like you and others noticed.

Stevce Ramsey

Alex was doing what he did quite intentionally. You see, he doesn’t like Flynn. It’s long been rumored (with some justification) that Flynn was instrumental in getting Alex and Infowars platformed for all major social media, costing Jones millions. This was just Alex’s way of saying ‘I know what you did, and I’m checking your guts’.

And while I am generally a supporter of Flynn, I don’t think he’s an entirely genuine person either.

And Alex Jones is what he is. He’s the media equivalent of pro wrestling. Loud, boisterous, sometimes real, sometimes not.


I watched quite a bit of the Jericho March. General Flynn’s speech was great and Archbishop Vigano’s speech and prayer were excellent. The emcee was a phony and Alex Jones sounded like the Reverend Wright attempting to imitate Charleton Heston’s Moses. I particularly enjoyed the event starting with a Catholic exorcist who attempted to order the demons to leave Washington DC. Every little bit helps. AJ is nothing but a self-promoter. He looked like a nerd on the playground trying to take a selfie with the cool kids. It is never a good idea to approach a warrior and his family by yelling at them through a bullhorn and charging like a bull through the crowd. He is lucky to be alive.

Michael GX

This description sounds like a very interesting video to me (and perhaps to pull segments from for BBL review). Which video stream did you watch?


I watched the event on Right Side Broadcasting on You Tube. It looks like they do not have the whole event on their channel. They did post General Flynns’ speech. Archbishop Vigano”s statement can be found on Alpha News. You can also find AJ’s crazed rant on You Tube. The concept of the event was the most interesting. Christians praying for the destruction and exile of deep state evil in Washington and the restoration of Judeo-Christian values in government.


Can’t say that I hate Alex Jones, but I certainly have neither love nor respect for him. I realized years ago that Alex Jones is all about promoting Alex Jones. That’s his ONLY agenda. There was a time when Prison Planet & Info Wars were on my daily “go to” list, until I removed the blinders and saw him for what he is. In my senior years, I came to the realization that the opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s indifference. That’s how I feel about AJ; indifferent.

Gen. Stewart

There are some no nonsense dangerous men standing around Gen. Flynn. Jones was hoping he could get a good Photo op.


I mean, Alex Jones screamed General Flynn’s name through a bull horn, then completely interrupted what the General was doing, to force an interaction. General Flynn was far more polite than I suspect that I would have been. 😇

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