Body Language – Fort Hood Change Of Culture


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You nailed this one!


Asshole and kiss-ass. Yes. And I guess now a days all you have to do is say your ” changing the culture” and everyone will be happy.
I was stationed at Ft. Hood some years back. What a mess!!

Susan McCall

I think it’s interesting that a person can stumble/forget/stutter at just addressing a crowd. I do not trust people that say aloud: ‘We’re gonna fix this’…no, you’re probably not. {in my lifetime, fixers just do it, and don’t make a big announcement about it}.


Yeah, that first speaker (Secretary?) seemed simultaneously disgusted and dismayed. Second guy was scarily unaffected.

Linda Wilson

One thing you have to take into consideration He is a General. Looking at his eyes says it all. In order to get that rank and all the medals on his chest that He has seen stuff that We will never ever see in our lifetime Thank God when it comes to War time deaths and brutality. In order to continue in His job I am sure those things attribute to a hardness which is needed to continue to lead. On the other hand this crap has been going on in the Military for a long time.


This analysis is a real eye-opener for me. I wouldn’t have picked up on the general’s weakness. One thing to realize about generals is, you don’t reach that level in the hierarchy without not only being indoctrinated into the globalist NWO mindset, but to be water carriers for them (with very few exceptions).


General Kiss Ass. He sounds like all the others, especially politicians, who say what they think sounds good or what they think others want to hear. And similarly to what Nonna said, they’re empty words. When they talk it means little or nothing. It sounds insincere bc it often is, hollow words falling to the ground. I’d take the first man as my neighbor thanks, whom GOMF identified as Secretary of the US Army. Cheers Mandy & Mr NN, Hope the fam’s all doing well (and the wee man : )


Interesting analysis of the difference between the two men. Does anyone know who that first guy is? He seems to be the kind of person I would want as a friend. The general, on the other hand, seems to be the type that I would not really like to be around. There was no sympathy or empathy in anything he talked about. If someone were to tell me that my daughter was murdered and that they are going to change the way they do things to try to prevent that in the future, I don’t think I’d feel consoled one little bit. When I had to tell acquaintances (not friends, mind you) who asked how my husband was doing that he had passed away, I can’t tell you how consoled I felt when many of them, men and women, put their arms around me and broke into tears and we cried together. It’s not like my husband or I even knew these people all that well. That general has no compassion. He’s an empty uniform. Nice job in your analysis of him, Mandy.


empty uniform… good description


The first guy is Ryan McCarthy, the Secretary of the US Army. Unfortunately many generals are like the four star, politicians. Very few, like General Flynn, identify with their war fighter non-coms and would take a bullet for them, My wife is a distant cousin of Clint Lowrance, who spent years in Leavenworth, before being pardoned by President Trump and freed. He was persecuted by the same type of deep military political Jag officers for killing the enemy to protect his men on the first day of his command, after replacing a captain that had been killed in the same type of attack previously. What Obama did to the men he sent into harms way with their hands tied behind their backs and targets on their heads should never be forgiven or forgotten,

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