Body Language – Fulton County Board Of Elections Meeting


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Eileen Guthrie

Well, there is someone who ALWAYS cracks under the pressure and will save themselves to get less time in prison and will cut a deal with the federal prosecutors. Ruby Freeman and her daughter (they are both soldiers following someone else’s orders), but they are both on video running the same 3,000 ballots multiple times and she stupidly bragged about it. I get the feeling that they were unaware of the cameras, I wouldn’t been so brazen, I would’ve blocked my body so the cameras wouldn’t have caught me committing election fraud. I can give you the psychology of generational manipulation.

To sow public doubts about Social Security or welfare programs and other federal old-age programs, one would need to erode their bases of support. Generational inequity was a strong series theme. Readers, especially young people, were recruited to participate in public events that manufactured quotable support. Throughout, shrill and unflattering portrayals of age-group interests did little to advance civic understanding of policy issues or forestall intergenerational tensions, aka fearmongering and gaslighting. The democrats need a captive audience, so they promote a bad educational schooling programs to keep them under control, they need them to be ignorant and unaware of their generational manipulation.

Because the democrats need to weaken and exploit black families and other minorities groups, because the resulting social ills are the result of racism on society’s part and not any arrogance, presumption, or failing on their part. As long as they claim to value education, they are free to support an educational system that cranks out students who cannot read, write or do basic math, and who are ignorant of even the most essential points of American and World history. They must be judged only by their political rhetoric and not by their results, because the programs and policies DO NOT WORK, unless those policies aren’t supposed to work in the first place. This is all about political psychology.

From what I’ve read, Ruby is definitely not the brains behind this operation to steal an election. Someone higher up the liberal food chain is the mastermind. Who that is I still don’t know but I will continue to research to find out? It’s definitely not Queen Nancy Pelosi, she’s not intelligent enough to put this into action. She’s devious, deceptive, deceitful, manipulative, power-hungry and vindictive, but the PUPPET MASTER, she is NOT. I don’t think it’s the Clinton’s, Obama or Biden either, but they certainly approved the plan. So, who is the puppet master? Soros? Possibly because they would need deep pockets to bribe their foot soldiers and to conform to their will.

Money talks, bullshit walks. What I do know is that this didn’t happen overnight, this took master planning over several years and thousands of “volunteers” to pull this off. I suspect it might have been cultivated when Stacey Abrams lost the election in at least the state of Georgia. She still has yet to concede the election two years later. In most of the swing states the early voting was showing President Trump was going to win in a landslide. I kept hearing that it was bad news for the democrats in the early voting process and the liberals had to stop the bleeding before exsanguination. They stopped counting in the middle of the night to see how many fraudulent votes they would need to pull this off.

The democrats use “political” psychology, which is much different than political science. You can even get a degree and a doctorate in “political psychology” now. Most colleges and universities have courses on political psychology. One is about political strategy (political science), the other is about political actions and behavior from both the voters and the politicians. Like the democrats claim that only they are concerned about the poor and minorities, that’s been ingrained and grilled into their heads for decades. But have the democrats ever made their lives any easier after voting for them for DECADES? No, just looking at the decay, hardships, the violence, and neglect in these liberal controlled cities, tells me they don’t. Their lives get worse, not better every year. And it’s sad watching these people being manipulated.

The whole point of the democrats is to manipulate the voters. It’s not so much that they want you to love or like their politicians, it’s to get the voters to hate, despise and loathe their political opponents. They use it in every election when another party wins the election. That’s what the political psychology is. The democrats and the mainstream media are nothing more than opportunist who will exploit anything for political power. But they are losing control over their narrative.

I can’t tell you the hundreds of video’s I’ve watched from the walk away movement. Generational manipulation of the poor and minorities, they have started to wake up, thanks to President Trump. I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve watched where the person said, I was a democrat because my parents or grandparents were democrats, so I voted democrat too (that’s the generational manipulation). But when they took a hard look at the democrat’s policies and platform, they didn’t represent their values or morals, they suddenly realized they were more conservative than liberal. They realized that the democrats don’t actually care about them. They only care about them in the sense that they need to control them, and only because of political gain.

Some switched parties because of it. In these cases, President Trump is a genius, as he’s been slowing outing the democrats over the last 10 years. Don’t forget that Donald Trump was a liberal democrat too, for a long time. But he heard how much contempt they had for the voters and the American people. Just how much they despise us in private, that didn’t match what they said in public. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton disparage the voters and called them stupid. They believe everything we say and then laughed hysterically. They believe what I tell them to believe.

It’s made some people to take a hard look at the democrats. Then next step for most was to do their own research and see what the democrats and the media have been gaslighting these voters. When they realize they were lied to so much and so often, that they felt they could no longer trust the democrats or do the right thing for them and the country, they do what is best for the democratic party and what will give them more power and control. More of them need to wake up and some are doing just that.


Well said. As far. as who the puppet masters are, Soros and the world bankers are pulling the strings and providing the funding. Funny thing Soros is very up front about his intention to destabilize the United States. He funds DA candidates who refuse to prosecute criminals to further destabilize the Urban Plantations. Since he is the single biggest donor to the Democrats he is allowed to walk free. The Chinese are his partners in crime.


Wish I could give your comment a hundred thumbs up. Bravo, Eileen!


You don’t hear the presstitutes ask Biden why he doesn’t stand down becasue the election was fraudulent and illegal … but have no problems with asking Trump to stand down before the electoral college votes.

China and the press are a$$holes.


This guy was tossed out of the Board of Elections in Texas being sited for numerous fraudulent acts mostly against Republicans but there were others even at the school board level. If you watch the end of this, the vote was 3 to 2 to to recertify the election results. The creep got away with it. One woman was upset with herself for voting for the re-certification. The first two people said “yea” so she reluctantly said “yea.” then the next person said “no” and see her say “shit.” The next person said “no.” She thought the board was going to push the re-certification through.

Rand Talley

The number of people liable for civil or criminal charges, or impeachment, as a result of their participation in this federal election fraud may be very large.


Hey, he and Elena Parent can do the St. Vitus’ dance on the way to the firing squad, or the Freemans and Ralph Jones Sr. can join in for the Cha Cha Slide while they are waiting for their turn at the gallows. Forgot about their bosses, Skippy Podesta and Mark Elias. Don’t even want to think think of what kind of dance they would do.


sick people rulled by money


and power… we mustn’t forget their lust for power, lol


74 million (and probably more) are enough to get the job done against these evil traitors.


But, how many will run away and go into hiding? Don’t count on 74+ million rising up. I hope that I’m wrong, and even more, I hope that we don’t have to find out.


Evil people ruled by their never ending desire for money is the reason the chief priests and leaders of that day made sure Christ got crucified. I keep thinking about Mark 11:15-18 (Jesus trashing the money tables in the Temple) and how much what’s been going on these past several years parallels that. I really do believe God chose Trump for these times and who God chooses God enables. God’s got this one, too. Just like how God raised Jesus from the dead, God will restore life to the USA. It is up to us to stay faithful to God and keep praying.

Gen. Stewart

Dead man walking ;


The “dancing snake” guy looks like he literally rolled out of bed or off the couch and joined the meeting. His hair and shirt look very disheveled. Perhaps he isn’t sleeping well at night? 😁

Gen. Stewart

I noticed that also ! He looks like someone that is running late. Just out of the shower and half dressed.


He doesn’t have his act or facts together .. just want to go into his closet and close the door and get away from the pressure of deceit he is feeling.


This fella’ knows that the girls are gonna’ throw his fanny under the bus. He’s filling in for what he knows is gonna’ happen! LOL! Eat it, you criminal!!!

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