Body Language – Georgia Senate Election Committee Hearing


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barbara jewell

ya !!!!!! they should bring them back in to watch the video.dahhh……………………..

Gen. Stewart

I’ve just learned that Meltdown girl was a poll counter in Pa. I had misunderstood that she was one in Ga. Which is it ?


There is a photo of her with the other female state senator with the Louis Vuitton designer mask processing ballots somewhere. Interestingly there is also a photo of both of them posing with Ralph Jones Sr. If they were processing in Georgia under his watch that would explain their panic. LT details it on his surviving “And We Know” you tube channel. I watched it this morning before going fishing.

frank papandrea

I ain’t no expert or nothin but damn that woman is hiding somethin’, dang, she’s a nervous as a possum be’in chased by Granny.

Rand Talley

See the GOMF3602 reply to the Gen. Stewart comment immediately below.
She apparently was directly involved in the ballot counting after everyone was told to go home. Maybe that is why she is in fight or flight mode in this video.

Carol Herbert

“I’d say she needed him in there just so she didn’t go to jail”. Spot on Mandy!!!


Three of the suitcase election stealers are Ruby Freeman, her daughter Shae Freeman Moss and Ralph Jones Sr., who is the Registration Chief of Fulton County Government. The first two were also caught on video sneakily passing a thumb drive off to a third man after pulling it out of one of the tabulators. The son of Jones is the Social Media Director for Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Bottoms. The older Freeman is quite a poster on socials and posted video of her looking at boxes of ballots with no return addresses. She has lawyered up, declining a media interview stating ” I can’t do the interview-this is bigger than me, I need a lawyer.” The demon -possessed helium sucker is panicking because the first one to confess has a chance to bring the whole diseased temple of corruption down on their heads. Bribes were taken to put Dominion in. Too many people were involved in this for somebody not to roll. They thought they had hidden or destroyed the video or had covered all the cameras. It is fun to watch evil people panic! Thanks Mandy, as usual, you crack me up.


i hope those that roll survive suicide.

Gen. Stewart

Arkancide ?


That or one of those freak car crashes that coincidently happened to so many material witnesses to the Kennedy assassination..

Gen. Stewart

Patrick Byrne gave an interview to Red Pill 78 today on Bit-Chute. Mandy,could you give a look at that ? The white hat giving testimony at that meeting,is supposedly working with hackers for Patrick Byrne. If what he is telling Red Pill 78 is true ? Then, he will be very important to follow. Hope all is well with you and yours ! God Bless


ill need to look at that. same to you Gen. Stewart!


Yes, he was being somewhat cautious about what he said, but he seemed to be doing brain searches and the video was good with no cuts.


Excellent reading of this self-indulgent empty headed helium popper! Love that phrase ‘najatm’. Why, with literally hundreds of SWORN affidavits, judges do not believe them and dismisses them as unverifiable with out video evidence. Once the video was released, then WAA..LAA! the smoking gun in Georgia it’s undisputable. What about PA? the observers were DENIED to have camera’s or video CCTV…. Shame on these judges.


These are the same judges who’ve actively worked against this POTUS for the last four years to remove him at any cost. Why would they stop now when they’re on the finish line. They’ve shown us who they are and what they’re willing to do — so believe them. Everything the deep state has done has been leading to this moment.

Gen. Stewart

She’ll dance for the devil from the end of a rope !


Election counter AND STATE SENATOR?!?!?!?!?! HOW?!?!?!?!


6:47 I’d LOVE to know that the guy to her right is thinking!!!


Nice pick up, bev. He seemed so engrossed in whatever he was reading, until she started talking about the machines. He went back to reading and perked up again when she mentioned Biden. Wish we knew who he is, since that might give us a clue.


Scary times. Thanks, as always, Mandy! Hope all are well. 💜


Oh yeah, helium popper is freaked out. It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s not 2 steps away from having a complete nervous breakdown. Well, she joined the pig pen and she’s going to have to lay with the pigs….

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