Body Language – Facebook Censorship & Data-Tracking Tools “Centra”


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Alarm Geppeto and let him know Pinocchio has a brother from another mother!


Here we see a living, or maybe not, proof that cyborg people are real, and they do exist. Or he could be from another planet, hmmm, I think I will go with both.

barbara jewell



At the risk of the same reaction I got trying to convince mental health workers and teachers how inappropriate and dangerous it was for them to use Facebook, I will pass on what I know. My point was that regardless of their privacy settings, they were putting themselves at extreme risk of their personal information falling into the hands of their psychotic or just curious patients and students. Many times, the same individuals I warned came back wanting me to punish students who found and printed out their racy pictures in bikinis or cheerleader outfits, guzzling down beer bongs in Cancun, or worse. You can only imagine the results when a horny 13 year old boy who knows how to operate Photoshop gets his hands on such pictures. It is not a coincidence that DARPA cancelled it’s Lifelog program the same day that Facebook was started. Do a little research into Lifelog’s goals and ask yourself how they differ from what Facebook is now doing. Capitalizing on people’s need for attention, they have insidiously caused the majority of Americans to voluntarily surrender their privacy and open themselves up to ingest propaganda from very biased and manipulative sources, along with being tracked and analyzed. Unfortunately they have addicted many people to their invasive product. Who is Zuck really working for?

Eileen Guthrie

Mark Zuckerberg is so creepy looking to me, cold dead eyes that look like dog piss in the snow. He actually makes my skin crawl, maybe it’s like what Mandy says it’s unnatural and robotic movements. He’s just freaky to look at for more than 3 or 4 minutes, he’s always hiding something and being deceptive. His problem, like a lot of liberals are, they ALWAYS believe they’re the smartest person in the room. It’s from their arrogance and condescending attitude. I really like that Congressman a lot, he knows what he’s after and tries to pin them down and they do everything in their power not to answer his questions. Zuckerberg knew he would be testifying that day, so why wasn’t he prepared? Very evasive and noncommittal. These tech giants are gaslighting the American people, especially conservatives. They’re trying to block the four avenues of communications.


Eileen, you nailed it! The only thing I can add to your comment is that was Sen. Josh Hawely from MO who made Zucks so nervous. Thank God for people like him representing a few States. I’m stuck with Cory Booker. Ugh!




Good interrogation. I was impressed with the requestioning and asking if there was something like what we see on the board, after Zuck said no about centra.


Turns out our friend Zuck put a huge amount of money into the election. Buying machines, paying workers, etc. We’re waiting for the arrest that will shock us. Is it ol Zuck? Wonder if we’d see body movement when he’s perp walked into a court?

Eileen Guthrie

Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla gave $400 million to the 2020 election to ensure there would be integrity in this election process and of course for the pandemic and to help with the mail-in votes. That came after other donors had already been contributing to the nonprofit that is receiving most of the Facebook founder’s contributions, the Chicago-based Center for Technology and Civic Life. It’s the same amount that Congress gave towards this election


Of course (stating the obvious) the sum total of all that contributing did the opposite of ensuring integrity.


Double Speak.


Bought Dominion machines to “help out” and paid wages for some of the “helpers” there. Yea he’s a prince.


He’ll get back to you all after I confer with my lying dog pony soldiers at Twitter and Google.


Great work, as always, Mandy. Thank you!

P.S. Zuckerberg is the mack daddy tool! 😇


That was like sitting though an Obama video. Hummina, hummina, (evade) hummina, (change subject) hummina, (try to disguise the lies) hummina, hummina. Thanks for doing this one, Mandy. It makes it very clear why I refuse to do FakeBook, Google Search, and/or Twitter. People don’t realize how invasive those things really are. It’s disgusting that a company uses so many resources to invade aspects of our lives without our knowledge or consent. It’s not about that fact that most of us have nothing to hide. It’s about the violation of our very existence as free human beings.

Barbara HEDGES

Should ask him how many sites they won’t allow people to share with the excuse some were offended in its content. By the way, it is always content that has to do with false stories about President Trump or things Trump says that they won’t let you share. Also, bad things about Biden are a no no.

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