Body Language – Dominion Tech Guy


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This Fox interview with Dominion’s spokesman is telling, IMO.



Would NOT trust suit guy and someone needs to talk to the guy in the chair.


My hunch is that these guys are talking about the votes in Michigan that were changed and caught by an alert election official who knew that Antrim county could not have possibly voted the way the machines said, and hand counted every ballot, contradicting the machine derived total. This happened in many places. This was the one that got caught These goofs are expressing legitimate confusion because they are not at the level that committed the fraud. Hopefully Sidney Powell has tech experts that can trace the flipping of votes. I suspect that the President was winning by such a landslide that he was overcoming the pre-set machine flipping, forcing the insertion of fake mail ballots at the last minute to overcome his lead. The conspiracy between the corrupt democrat party and the media has never been so obvious. Cat is right. The China virus was used as cover to insert chaos of mail ballots to conceal the fraud. There are about 80 million of us who are not going to put up with this garbage. If the SC does not correct this, get ready.

Gen. Stewart

I think the virus is a multiple pronged weapon. #1 excuse to isolate people to keep them from gathering to exchange information. #2 excuse for subversive persons to correspond via skypp / text in secret safe locations as not to be harmed during take over. #3 Excuse to implement mail in ballots. #4 Promote mass fear. #5 psychological conditioning

Gen. Stewart

Just dropped by to wish everyone a beautiful Sabbath. The fourth commandment requires we sanctify it(keep it holy). Today is saturday 11/21/2020. Saturday being the true seventh day of the week. Just a moment of remembrance if nothing more is a sign of gratitude for all we have. What a beautiful concept ! Something to look forward to at the end of a hectic week. Call an old friend,talk to a relative about a shared good memory, turn the phone off,take a walk and look at the beauty of fall leaves, Hug a child. Oh,and by the way, Please don’t call your CHILDREN “kIDS”. Children are not goats. Baphomet was a canaanite deity that they sacrificed their children too in place of goats. Scripture tells us that God will separate the goats from his sheep. When I look at my child,I only see beauty !


Thank you Gen. Stewart! Some people are kids lol.

Gen. Stewart

Did Georgia give it to biden ? I saw where they did but ,we can’t believe ANYTHING we see or read ; If they did ? WHAT A COINCIDENCE ! There was a maga rally scheduled for saturday. So they approve the race,thereby avoiding more attention that the rally would create.


I’m not sure how much less attention today’s rally could create in the media than last week’s rally in DC. The only place I could find actual live coverage of the DC rally was on RSBN. It seemed to me there were about a half a million people there. Nothing I saw later on any news outlet even came close to showing the real thing. Some reported tens of thousands. No! It was hundreds of thousands in attendance there! If you or anyone else here is interested, here’s the link to follow the MAGA rally in Georgia at noon today:

Gen. Stewart

Thank You,Nonna ! I think we should keep the pressure on ALL THESE STATES with rallies. Expose these corrupt politicians to the degree that everyone in the world never forgets them. President trump should go to them. He has nothing to lose from here on ! I watched the entire D.C. rally and will watch this one today.


Holy shiff, General! Are you watching this rally? It’s freaking awesome!!!!!

Gen. Stewart

Watched it all ,Thanks for the link ! angel smile


I’m getting audio but no video?


That is odd, have you retried since?

Max Eskie

I find it amazing that you can do the analysis on people with masks on.


My thoughts too!! But she did it and really well. i am learning so much from her ..i focused on everything else she has pointed out before and i COULD see …even tho i find it amazing to be able to do that…even with masks on bc everything else also was revealing. At first i thought what? how is she ever going to analyze this…? But when she did i got to see how we CAN. She’s so great at this ..she is also a great teacher.


Another great one! Thank you, Mandy! May any and all fraud be exposed in no uncertain terms, tried, and adjudicated before the Electoral College meets. 🇺🇸


They all look befuddled by a problem they have no idea how to resolve. Our election process is now suspect, with good reason.

Gen. Stewart

I need more context ; Where are they ? Who are they,individually ? Who is she ?How do we know there are ballots there ?


You are always right on the mark Gen. Stewart. Really good points and questions to ask.


Did you see the other video she did where suit guy was frantically searching boxes for a missing batch of votes? I don’t think it was that room but he was looking at stacked boxes looking for numbered boxes that were missing. There was no faking his stress!

I wish I could find it but I saw it on Parler.

If we stored votes in cardboard boxes like that in Australia we would have officials probably charged and a new election but I don’t think you have a chance for that but the Electoral College then steps in???

FYI our boxes are closed with metal wired tabs with numbers and both sides sign a sheet to confirm each tab then when it is reopened both sides watch and sign a sheet to confirm the right box had the right tabs.

What I learnt when dealing with a disability service provider with a CEO that had a history of major fraud is that they kept their books in such disarray that when I caught them defrauding my sons account it took then 2 months to figure out the double booking invoices.

And what the hell are these guys doing alone in a little room counting cardboard boxes of votes? If you want to pull of major fraud then the American system would be perfect for that. You guys need to fight to make changes to your constitution to ensure this can never happen again or the Demoncrats will never lose.

I really do pray every day that the right results happen because this election can reset life around the globe if Biden is declared the winner.


Excellent input ..thank you!!


Excellent analysis. Would love to have a spy-cam fly in that room!

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