Body Language – Obama Advice To President Trump


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Funny, truth decay! Trump is not just honest, he is BRUTALLY HONEST! And that, my friends, is why all politicians on both sides hate him so much. That’s the trouble in a nutshell. 4:42 The only competition your daughter has been in is the crack-smoking bang-a-thon with Hunter Biden!

Linda Wilson

Obama is still the most Corrupt President ever.


That was SO funny, the end bit. The humour of these videos I think is understated!

Gen. Stewart

I find that very interesting ! I’m going to look into this.


What another great analysis …also the people commenting…are brilliant……and this is one of the best places on internet to learn the truth and hear from those who care to…know it. This ‘audience’ of your work is getting more and more astutely aware and wise and more able to speak so coherently and knowledgeably about these issues,include well informed data and bright and brilliant reasoning…not the programmed crap of the “walking dead”., You should be so proud Mandy (what people say here says so much about you …and your work ) that the kind of audience you have here takes your brilliance and expertise you provide us with… even further and puts it to great use. You are changing the world..(you and them) ..thank you .I love these and love the comments more than any other platform i go to so far.

Eileen Guthrie

Yeah right, give me a break. Can you name just one thing where Obama put the country first. NEVER. He wired tapped Trump tower; he created the Russia collusion narrative. He stayed in DC, just a few blocks from the White House to watch Donald Trump. He went around the world to talk to world leaders after Trump had visited with them. He tried to give BILLIONS to Iran. Just how did that benefit our country, I’d like to know. He did everything he could to undermine Donald Trump over the last 4 years. A man who was the worst President of ALL TIME, lecturing Trump to admit defeat where there is evidence of voter fraud, voter suppression and voter tampering. All those things are “real” and there is a long history of voter fraud that is associated with the democratic party. I remember learning in junior high, that the democrats attempted to commandeer election results that dated back and was documented during the 19th century, when New York City’s infamous Tammany Hall was synonymous with political corruption, election fraud and associated with the Democratic Party. Most of them were surrounded by massive corruption (a democrat calling card). In one New York election in 1844, 55,000 votes were recorded even though there were only 41,000 eligible voters (I’ve always said the democrats have never been good at math). Decades later, these efforts have continued and determined fraudsters have become only more creative in their efforts to fix the outcome of our elections. Obama certainly has a lot of nerve, coming from the most corrupt administration since our country’s inception. (Thank you to my history teacher Mr Friend). Obama made Richard Nixon look like an altar boy by comparison. Our founding fathers knew voter fraud would occur eventually and that’s why they gave us the three branches of government with checks and balances for this very reason.

Gen. Stewart

I would love to see This on his tombstone ! We should have millions printed and dropped out of a plane over every democrat city in America ! I thought about doing it in times square.


All you need to ask yourself where Hillary Clinton came from and where Soetoro rose to power. They took Chicago-style corruption to the federal government and weaponized it against the people.


I didn’t play the video. I can’t bring myself to listen to him. Just read comments. Thanks Mandy!

Gen. Stewart

I feel your pain,Mac ! I wrestled overnight with the decision to even watch it ; Watching this and voting this year was like eating a shit sandwich !

barbara jewell

i just keep shaking my head from left to right..

frank papandrea

Concide the day after the election? Like Hillary?
And wow, Trump got over 70M votes and this guy thinks all Trump did was lie and not respect norms,
Hey big Zero, half the country thinks he told the truth about the “norms” in DC.
And about that fraud, funny the first group to bring up election fraud was the Dems about 2016!!!!
Obama you are a lying, conniving politician,
you and your fellow Dems ALWAYS accuse others of doing EZACLY WHAT YOU DID!


The censorship is getting out of control. By searching ‘bombards body language’ on google your website used to be first, now it isn’t even on the first page! I just can’t believe how bad it has got.


What a contrast to listening to Sydney Powell right now and her outrage at what people from high to low have perpetrated in the shady voting machines and illegal maneuvers. Her body sang with truth!


I love Powell and her amazing contribution.


He really doesn’t look you in the eye .. can’t tell the truth when he won’t look you in the face.


That’s what I saw and the comment of Keith Bricker on a teleprompter being where he is looking…is very likely…and good point to make bc that would certainly give yet another perspective of his eye movements .

Ursula Leach

This traitor has nothing to say anymore. I am sure he was in on this one too


I don’t believe a word the left has to say and I hope Trump will win after all. He does have a few aces up his sleeve – I hope.

Bonnie Hawkins

Scary that he believes this like a religion. Thank you and Blessings.


I hate this guy.


Obama, vomit worthy as usual

Gen. Stewart

Howdy everyone,hope all is well with your families; I wrestled with the decision to even watch this OBAMAnation to God ! I feel as though I allowed an evil spirit to confront me. WARNING: I was watching Senator Hawley on the Judicial committee confront Zuckerberg and Dorsey with new proof of the coordination of twitter,google and facebook in violating citizens first amendment rights. Of course they all wouldn’t answer the charges. “I would advise people to watch the hearing”. I was watching it on utube on my laptop using google chrome. My screen went blank with a statement in the middle that said..”Twitter is blocking server”. On the bottom of the screen,it had the logo “Twitter-goo”. I DO NOT have a twitter account ! I have never seen anything like this before. Clear evidence of the three companies coordinated in taking my server down. Then I get an email that my utube subscription has be canceled with a warning not to try to access with another I.P…” I took a picture of the screen ” !…I am sending the picture and email to Senator Hawley and am joining a class action suit with a group of utube channel creator/ providers.


Awesome of you to share all that…..i watched some of the hearing……i thought it went blank too for a quick moment but i had got up and left screen to get something and just noticed no sound and not sure if it also went black or if i just think it did after reading your account…bc don’t remember it exactly. ..but i did remember an interruption in sound.. and i attributed it to a possible internet server problem and then it was working again…. That is really amazing what you are telling us …even given the extent of censoring so far..Glad you are doing something about it.

Gen. Stewart

I contacted one of the class action participant’s with the information and am waiting on a reply. I’m so mad about this violation of our first amendment rape. I AM NOT going to stop until these people and companies are burnt to the ground(figure of speech) !

Danielle Carter

Glad you’re still posting! Been a bit since a new video!

Wellington Thomas

Good old reliable Obama. Reliably the same rhetoric, reliably non-partisan poser, but reliably truly partisan. This is a prime example of knowing a man by his fruits. This kind of guy will say all the right things, and he is always poised to tell you exactly what you want to hear. However, the proof is in his doings and not his sayings. The man might think he is telling the truth sure, but the words “willfully ignorant of the truth” comes to my mind.

He was our president for eight years and he did very little if anything for this country, but yet, still the media puts him up on this pedestal and gives him the bull horn and encourages him to talk down to Trump and “Those who voted Trump” as if he has some sensible perspective. Trump was a product and put in as a counter to this status quo, to this establishment of political mumbo jumbo.

That is not to say “People don’t want to hear Obama”, on the contrary pretty much the whole democratic party does. However, it’s nothing more than just another echo chamber pretending to be some sort of unifying voice. As a “Trumper” I can tell you that Obama’s passive aggressive rhetoric usually is more inflaming that unifying, this instance being no different.


I will say this: BHO is correct about POTUS ignoring institutional norms. However, that’s why we elected Trump – he’s outside the Institution!

P.S. Anyone else notice that BHO’s skin is lightening with age? 😁

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